Memories of the Snow: Sne Engel, Lasse

”Do you wanna smoke?”

 Smoke? I heard him say “smoke”. I don’t smoke. Never tried and never would. Okay, never say never, but I’m not inclined into smoking. Not one bit.

 “Nej, tak”, I answered.

 “Venus, snow’s falling. There’s snow outside.” says Janika, my host mom. She was standing alongside him.

 “Oh, snow. There’s snow already?” As it dawned on me that I mistook smoke for snow, I assure you I could have brightened the whole gymnasium with my glow when I heard that snow is already falling. I’ve been looking forward to it.

 “Ja, do you wanna see snow?” He asked again.

 “Ja, of course. Snow!!!”I beamed.

 He took my arm and led me out of the gymnasium into one of the most beautiful scene I’ve ever seen…

I was having an unplanned night out with my friends who I haven’t seen for a long time, when I heard Angels by Robbie Williams again. It has been almost a year since we first and, hopefully not, last saw each other. I didn’t know the song would still affect me the way it did in those weeks after we met. Everytime I hear it, it would remind me the way he looked at me… the way he held my hand… the way he took my arms… the way he hugged me… the way he’d lift me up… the way he made me feel like I’m the most beautiful girl in the room… that there’s no other woman for him but me. *Charooot!!!* But, I guess Angels would always be his. It will always remind me of him.

After meeting him, I told myself that I’m going to immortalize it by writing it down. I started to make a draft, but I never got to finish it. I tell myself that I’m waiting for the right timing, although admittedly, I was just procrastinating. Until I saw the challenge given by the Daily Post: Weekly Writing Challenge: Moved by Music. So, I told myself, I guess it’s about time to finally release the story that has long been overdue.

So, like I was saying, I was out with friends in a bar and when the music started to play I couldn’t help but close my eyes and all the memories came rushing in…

It was a Saturday; December the 1st. It’s the start of the month that most people look forward to, including me. So, me and Ivy made plans on how to spend our Saturday; but we had to cancel. That meant I would stay home, ALONE, because the kids are out and my host parents are going to a Christmas party. Well, it wasn’t that bad. I’m used to being on my own and I think I’d love to try to be home alone here. Really not a bad idea at all. I made plans on what to do and what to eat (yep, it’s necessary to include food on the plan). However, when my host parents learned that I will stay home for the weekend, they invited me to join them. It took me like 30 minutes to decide whether I would join them or not. I mean, I already made plans on how to spend my HOME ALONE WEEKEND and I kinda like the idea of making it materialize. But, I also thought that it would also be a good idea to go out and socialize and meet new people and experience a Danish Julefrokost. Plus, it would be my first. So, I assured myself that in case I would find the event boring, I could always go home ahead of them. Afterall, we’re bringing our bikes with us and the venue isn’t far, so, I wouldn’t really be a bother to them if I decided to go home.

We were the first guests to arrive in the venue. I learned that it wasn’t just my host dad’s firm that was having their Christmas party there; there were other companies, too. After a few minutes, other guests started to arrive and of course introductions and handshakes were made and conversations started to flow among guests and I was like, “Please remind me why I am here”. But, that would just be irrational because the guests I met are really nice. I guess that was just me being preposterous because somehow, I’m not being left out. I’m just being difficult I guess. So, I told myself to behave, which I managed to do.

When were about to take our seats, I saw a guy pass by. He reminded me of Rasmus Falk, a football player with OB, the city’s football club. I acknowledged (just inside my head of course), that he’s handsome. And that was the end of it. Or so I thought. It wasn’t until dinner was through when I finally got to meet him. During dinner he was seated at the end of the table which was, well, far from where I was seated. I didn’t mind though; I was seated beside an equally handsome, young man, too. Hahaha!!!

I was secretly hoping that the one seated beside me would ask me for a dance, because we were actually moving our bodies together in tune with the song while seated. But, I think, I made a strike 2 which probably turned him off. Hahaha! I was just fortunate enough to be saved from a very uncomfortable situation when my host dad arrived to ask me for a dance, which I willingly and gladly obliged. Just an FYI, I’m not really into dancing; I’m more into singing. But, I had fun. And by the way, when dinner started, thoughts of going home ahead of them totally flew off the window because I was already having fun, and of course, I get to sit beside a handsome guy. *grins*

“Would you like to have a toast with me?” He turned to me while holding up his glass of drink.

 “S-sure.” I answered doubtfully, confused that he just suddenly turned to me and made a toast. But, I have a soda in hand, so I raised it up.


 We clink our glasses and I thought that was the end of his attention to me. Boy, I was wrong…

I went dancing with my host mom, too. And when we returned to our seats, this time, people are all over now, so seats are interchanged, he (RF’s-look-a-like) was sitting on my chair. Nothing to fuss though. The seat beside him is not taken, so I just sat down on it. He was actually busy talking to someone else and I wasn’t paying him any attention. I was just looking around, seeing what people are doing while sipping my soda when he turned to me and made a toast. I have a soda in hand, so why not, and “Skål” we go. I thought that was the end of our conversation. But, I guess he decided I’m intriguing enough to have a small talk with me. He introduced himself and asked for my name. He thought I was from Thailand. I told him I’m from the Philippines. He couldn’t believe I’m 24 (I was when we met, I turned 25 this year)… just like everybody else. I couldn’t get out from him how old he was, but after some stalking research and all that, I figured he was 20 (21 by now, I suppose). We discussed about a lot of stuff: Denmark, the Philippines, about our job, and whatnot. What I find fascinating about our conversation is that it wasn’t just superficial. He knew I was taking care of a disabled kid, so he asked me what I would do if, hypothetically, I’ll have a disabled kid of my own. My host mom was actually surprised when I told her we talked about this stuff. She was like, “You already talked about that?”

“What can you say about this?” He asked me while showing me the whole area

“It’s beautiful.” I murmured. I was so enthralled by the view. Enchanted.

“What do you wanna do? You can do whatever you want.”

“I-I don’t know.” I was still overwhelmed with my first snow scene.

“Do whatever you want. Watch.” And he proceeded in making a snowball and hitting his friend with it. And he teasingly ran behind me.
 “Just do whatever you want.”

“Okay.” I lifted my head, closed my eyes and spread my arms. Savored the feel of the falling snow as it touches my skin.

A Christmas village, nah, not really, that wasn’t what I saw. There weren’t any Christmas lights or Christmas trimmings adorning the vicinity, so I can’t really call it a Christmas village. ‘Twas a winter wonderland though. The whole expanse covered in white: snow on the trees; snow on the pavement; snow on roofs and houses; and, snow on cars. When we were on our way back inside, an old lady even told me I look beautiful with silvers on my hair; she was referring to the snow when she said silvers on my hair (I know, I asked her. Haha!)

“Come let’s dance again.” He offered me his hands.

“Sure.” I took his hands. He led me up the stage. I was hesitant going up the stage. “Are you sure we could come up here?”

“Yeah. Trust me.”

And after 5 minutes maybe, we were told to go down the stage. Haha. But, I don’t regret going on that stage with him. It was the first time I ever did that; go up the stage with a live band playing… with a guy I barely knew… and danced a slow dance. We danced to the tune of Angels. We danced to a lot of songs, but it was Angels that really got me. It was our only slow dance.

“Glædelig Jul.” He hugged me tight. Looked at me bewitchingly with his stunning blue eyes.

“I lige måde. Glædelig jul også.” I hugged him back. And we danced and hanged out together until the party was over.

My first memory of snow will always be romantic, not just special, maybe a little bittersweet, but romantic. If I spent the night over at my friend’s place, it would always be special, too. They even had wine, perfect timing to make a toast because all of us are new in Denmark. It was our first time to experience snow. But, it wouldn’t be romantic like how it happened when I spent it with him.

“Hold this.” He handed me his almost-empty glass of beer.

 “What are you gonna do?” I asked him, a little confused.

 “Just hold this and see.”


 I reached for his glass, and then he lay down on the snow and started moving his arms and legs like he was doing jumping-jack-laying-down. Then I realized he was making a snow angel and I was really touched by the gesture. After doing it, he stood up and faced me.

 “Tell me, what do you see?”

 “A snow angel.” I answered dreamily while looking at it. Then, I turned to look at him.

 He just smiled and took my arms again…