Trick or Treat Thursday

This is what… day 31. Hahaha! The last one I posted for my supposed blog diary is day 9. I suck. Totally. Can you see my dedication? My passion? My commitment? Nada. And I won’t make any excuses for this. I can come up with a million reasons; but, I won’t go into that. I really have to practice discipline. Always. I try my best though. I still fail. But, I’m not giving up.

This is supposed to be a draft for day 10 which I entitled Thanatos Thursday (which should have been Tartarus; not Thanatos). On that Thursday I started reading the House of Hades by Rick Riordan and I watched the fourth Bleach movie: The Hell Verse, therefore the reference to Tartarus and Thanatos. So in those days that I haven’t posted here I’ve finished reading the House of Hades and two of the Mortal Instruments books: City of Bones and City of Ashes. I also started to read the third book in the series, City of Glass. But, I stopped because in the middle of my reading, I watched the movie version of City of Bones which left me utterly disappointed and refrained me from reading the rest of the book. I still have to find my mojo back in reading the Mortal Instruments. In between reading, I watched some episodes of Sword Art Online and Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka. I also watched quite a few movies: Here Comes the Boom, I am Legend (I was finally able to watch until the end), Despicable Me 2 (so wanted to watch this on the big screen, but it’s only dubbed in Dansk and I’m not really sure I could understand all of the conversation), Olympus Has Fallen, White House Down, Pacific Rim (I regret not watching this on the big screen), World War Z and The Host (second time around),

Apart from reading and writing, I also posted a lot of pictures in Instagram. Went to Tina’s birthday celebration and sang for her (with the other Marses) and hangout with Connie for the last time before she moved to Norway. I attended the Harry Potter festival; on the first day with Victor and on the second day with Elyonna. I lost my phone but found it again. Lucky me! And after 3 months, I was able to go for a night out with the girls and hangout at Color Bar. Sing like a pro and dance like nobody’s looking. Met someone. A decent guy who happened to last not only for the night. Communicated with him for 2 days. Well, it’s not that long but hey that’s a progress. The other decent guys I met only lasted for the night. Hahaha!

I guess that’s that. It doesn’t seem like a lot, eh? Well, whatever. Trick or treat! Happy Halloween! 🙂


Wednesday’s Calm, Lucky Nine

Day Nine.

I had a calm and relaxing Wednesday. After doing my responsibilities in the morning, I was able to sit down and enjoy lunch and have a little nap afterwards. I wasn’t planning to sleep, but, I was laying down while reading a pocketbook and after a while I dozed off and slumbered to Lalalandia. But, I got to finish the book, too. When I woke up, I still had time to spare before working again, so I used it to read again. It has been a year, I think, since I last read a PHR novel. Gosh, how I missed those days that I get to read more than three PHR novels in a day. So, it was really refreshing to be able to finish one today. I miss collecting pocketbooks, too. Oh well, it has to wait. I’d probably buy a lot of books when I go back to the PH. It’s cheaper there.

Then, today, I received my first eBay purchase. So, glad to finally have it. It took 18 days for it to arrive. But, that’s fine considering the distance it has to travel. So, I’m waiting for the other stuff to arrive. I have two eBay purchases. The second one actually arrived first. Geez. It sounds like I made it confusing. Hahaha. But, yeah, I am a happy girl with my happy top.

I cooked dinner, too. I made Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce. I really thought though that I won’t be doing any cooking this week because I’m supposed to cook Tuesday and Thursday. But, anyway, we have to do our part, our share. So, it’s cool. And thinking or reading or writing about food makes me hungry. I’m hungry. Gotta check the kitchen after writing this.

I also got a copy of House of Hades. Been waiting for this for a long time. It’s really awesome to have reliable friends.

I thought of watching the first episode of Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka. In one scene, it showed the lead character seated by the window. I remembered reading a meme, I think, about how almost always all the lead characters in a story are seated beside the window. I realized, yeah, they should be seated near the window so they can easily see if there are any commotions outside that needs their attention and see if there’s a need for them to sneak out from class. Or just be pulled out from the window. 😀

Okay, generally, I had a calm and relaxing Wednesday, but, Charlie – the dog, never fails to give me adrenaline rush and irritation at the same time. We were almost home when our neighbor brought out their dog and we had to meet them. I think Charlie and Aiko are friends, but in a doggy way, so it drives me crazy when they want to greet each other ’cause they have to lunge at each other. Pisses me off big time. Totally gets under my skin. But, then, I had to think about the rest of the day and it was fine. So, all is well.