Testy Tuesday

Day Eight.

I was still a bit anxious when I woke up. But, everything went well in the morning. But, in the afternoon, well, around 5PM maybe, things became difficult. My patience was really tested. I had to summon all the patience I can get. I’m just glad there is someone that reminds me that I can make it through. Na kaya ko ito. I’m doing my best to let my otaku spirit out. It is after all my “never give up” spirit. But, things could sometimes really get into your nerves and piss you off big time. Like today.

I had to walk the dog. I’ve been doing it since… I couldn’t even remember. Must have been a long time already. But, since the incident last September 28, I’ve been paranoid when walking the dog. So, earlier, he saw a hare. He wanted to run off after it. I really had to stand my ground, but with bended knees spread apart for better balance, to stop him from doing so. I don’t wanna hurt him. But, I really had to pull his leash so he won’t run away. It’ll be another worry for me if he runs away. Di pu-pwede ‘yon. So, I really had to shout, too, and with instinct, I had a flurry of swear words coming out from my mouth. And I’ve been trying to stop from saying bad words. But, he just brings out the worst in me. So, while fuming in anger, I thought that feeling stressed out and irritated every time I walk him will do me no good. It totally affects my health. Makes me worry about my cardiovascular system… and mental health. It’s no fun to play tug-of-war with a dog almost your size but double your strength. It just isn’t.

I thought that was the end of my lemons for today. Until, I spoke with a friend. She, too, can bring out the hideous monster in me. I had to get away to get a breath of fresh air or I’d go to sleep with a bad day. So, I stopped chatting with her and concentrated on chatting with those that actually made me feel better. Not that I don’t like talking to her. But, I just can’t handle how our conversation today is sucking the life out of me.

On a positive note, all the manga/anime that I keep myself updated were up to par. Didn’t bring me down. Inspired me. Regaled me. Entertained me. I also had, what seemed to become a weekly routine, a healthy discussion with LA about Bleach’s latest chapter. It’s really awesome when after reading or watching something you can discuss your points of view with someone who can relate to what you just have read or watched. All is well.

Hasta La Vista, Gerletz

Fifth Day.

We held Connie’s farewell party. I got here at her place around 2PM to help her out with the preparation. The party started at 6PM. I didn’t bring her a gift yet. Partly because I wasn’t able to buy yet what I wanted to give her; but, mostly because I wanted to give it to her on or before the day she leaves. I have a lot to tell her, but I haven’t written it yet. It’s like if I actually do it, it’s like really saying “bye-bye na”. She still have 2 weeks left here, until then, no emo moments muna.

Connie, she’s the bestest friend I got here in Denmark. It’s her that I could always lean on when I need a friend. She’s almost always the one I hang out with. She’s the model I got when I feel like being a photographer and I needed a human subject. She’s my ka-foodtrip. It’s just unfair that she doesn’t get fat even if we eat a lot. 🍲🍰🍮🍹😠Hahaha!!! She’s my kalakwatsa sa gabi. Not going to bars, though. Basta pag may event at gagabihin, siya ang nakakasama ko. Siya din ang partner ko sa kantahan. 🎤🎼🎵🎶 We’ve recorded songs we covered. Kahit na may bloopers. And maybe because we hang out a lot together, minsan sabi ng iba, magkamukha na daw kami. Some have mistaken us as siblings. And someone thought we’re twins. The sibling thing is passable. I tell her, we could be sisters as long as I’m the bunso. But the twin thing, that is just so questionable. Height pa lang, 7 inches na siguro ang difference. She’s almost skinny. I’m stuffy. We don’t really look like twins.👭

She’s not perfect. She gets into my nerves, pisses me off and drives me crazy. We argue. We fight. But, at the end of the day, her beautiful personality surpasses her imperfection.

I’ll miss you gerletz. But, it’s not goodbye, it’s see you again. Ses vi ikke gøres? 👋