Feeling Blue

I am so effin’ down these days. I really want to cry my heart out; I couldn’t. My lacrimal glands seem to be malfunctioning. I hate the fact that I can’t cry because I can feel the pain in my heart but I can’t let it go.

I look for comfort. I feel so desperate. And I used to think that I am strong. I really need a hug; a BIG effin’ hug. I want someone to give me a pat in the back and tell me that everything’s gonna be alright.

I feel so freaking lost; so alone. I don’t know what to do. But, I have no one to blame but myself. Why did I ever get into this? I just hope I would have the strength to survive this. I still have 15 months to go in this. I don’t know if I would survive that long or I would crash and burn. I’m feeling burned out these days. Not crumbling though… but, it seems like I’m getting there. And I don’t want to.

I am just so not used to this. Just like the line in Just Once… I gave my best, but I guess my best wasn’t good enough. I so effin’ wanna give up. But, there are other things to consider. I can’t just pack up and say I’m done and I’m quitting. I guess I’ll just have to deal with falls and bruises; to learn from mistakes and keep on moving forward.

People say that if God gave you a challenge, it’s because He believe that you can handle it. Guess I just need to have more faith in myself. Not an easy feat though with the task I’m given.

Guess it’s time to bend those creaking knees. I still feel oh so lonely. So unsure of what to do, but while writing this, I saw a glimpse of hope. Maybe there’s still a future for me. Writing this hasn’t solved my dilemma, but it has sparked something in me. Otaku spirit. Fighting! #WithFistHeldHigh

Ten-Day Blog Challenge: Day Six



My family has always mean a lot to me. So, I’m not including them here to give space to others that I also cherish.

1. VALENTINAS. I consider this group as one person because I have to include all of them. They’re my family in Cebu.

2. Shameer. My BFF.

3. Mars Company. Just like Valentinas, I have to include them all. They’re my family here in Odense.

4. The Heides. My host family.

5. Hamed. Well…

A (Friendly) Date With The Iraner

Kilig-kilig din pag may time.

If I say I’m dating an Iranian, most people I know would probably overreact and freak out. They would be like, “What? You’re dating an Iranian? Iranians are blah this and blah that.” I probably wouldn’t hear the end of it. But, yeah, I’m not dating an Iranian, so I wouldn’t encounter that scenario.

Meet Hamed, again. I mentioned him in my 20s Twenty SnapShots and 10-day blog challenge. But, I didn’t see this one coming; an entire entry devoted to him. In the first place, if it weren’t for Ate Gloria, I wouldn’t be friends with Hamed. For some reasons, I feel awkward to be with people I really find handsome. When Ate Gloria wasn’t part of our class yet, me and Hamed were just nodding acquaintances. He was friends with Bartusz, my first friend among my classmates, but it was just them. They even talked about me; I overheard them talking. Good thing that it was nice stuff. Dahil kung hinde, inuntog ko ulo nilang dalawa. Then Ate Gloria came, she became friends with him. Since I always tag along with her, we eventually became friends, too. We do what usual friends do; help each other, share stuff. But, it was last Wednesday that somehow the level of our friendship got a little higher. Nag level up ang asaran na aming nalalaman.

Being friends, we usually share food with each other. But, last Wednesday, he totally surprised me. After giving him the notes from last Monday (he had to leave earlier), he went out of our classroom and got a plastic cup. I didn’t imagine that he took that cup for me. He asked me if I want a drink. I asked him what he had. I actually didn’t get what he answered, so I didn’t say yes or no. But, he poured a drink on the cup and insisted that it’s mine and I should taste it. I dunno why he offered the drink, if it’s his thank you or what. But, it really came as a surprise, because he doesn’t usually share his drinks.

Being friends, he would usually mess with me by messing my stuff; like putting my phone on silent mode or deactivating the silent mode. I would hit his arm as payback. This time around, he messed with me by poking me at my side. I’m ticklish there. And I won’t have it. So, I poked back… And his ticklish on the side, too. So, umiiwas ang mama. Eh di nga ako patatalo. Ang likot-likot tuloy namin. Maybe, we bothered our classmates… I think we actually did. Hahaha!!!

Being friends, there are times that when me and Ate Gloria would bump into him in the Walking Street, we (Hamed and me) would bike home together, not the whole way though. I never tried biking home with him from the school. But last Wednesday, that’s what we did. I didn’t think he’d bike home from school with me. He’s usually out of the gate before I could even use my helmet. So, being used to that, I was taking my time in getting my bike from the shed (he parked somewhere else). Suddenly, he popped in the shed and told me to get going, apparently, we’re biking home together. He told me he’s going to the Walking Street and asked if I wanna come. I said, I would if I could, but I don’t have time. So, I suggested that we hangout on Friday instead because it’s the Havnekulturfest and there’s a concert. He answered, yeah, maybe. And I told him no maybes. Hahaha.

So, came Friday. We were messing with each other again. And I reminded him about the Havnekulturfest. Our teacher also showed the program to us. And he was like, let’s just see because the weather doesn’t look good. But, I disagreed and said, “Maybe, it would be sunny tonight.” And he was like, “Sunny, tonight?” And I realized, oo nga naman, night nga eh kaya paano magiging sunny. Bloopers. We had a laugh and hitting fest over it… well, me doing the hitting, him avoiding. But, but, but… It was actually sunny last night. Hahaha! The sun set around 10PM and we were at the concert like 7PM to 8PM. I realized that while writing this, so I texted him about it. Nothing important really. That was just me saying ’cause I wanted him to know. Hahaha!

Then, class is over. So, we were like, “okay I’ll see you later. Just call or text”. I went with Ate Gloria to the restroom, thinking he went home already. Only to find out when we got out of the building that he was waiting for me, for us. He thought I might wanna go to the Walking Street. Since, before going out of the building, Ate Gloria and me, thought of going there, the three of us went together. Well, it was almost lunch, and we passed by a lot of food stalls and restaurants, our taste buds were tickled. So, we decided to grab a lunch and eat together, minus Ate Gloria because she had to go to her brother-in-law. We decided to eat at Jensens Bøfhus. That was my first time to eat there. Om nom nom. They serve mouth-watering dishes. Worth the price. And it’s actually affordable. Moms! I find it amusing that he actually saved me some of the rejecocktail (shrimp cocktail) he ordered for himself. When our order was served, he asked me if I wanted to taste the meal he has. I said, sure, and asked him the same thing. Well, he said he won’t ’cause he’s not really into chips. I had Kylling med Nachos (Chicken with Nachos). Anyway, after tasting his food, I said it tastes good. And went back to finishing mine. I noticed that he didn’t touch the rest of the rejecocktail. But, I was oblivious to the fact that it was meant for me. When the server came and asked if she can now clear the table and asked if we still want the rejecocktail, he said, yeah, we still want it and that it was mine. Doon ko pa na-discover na akin pala yun. Surprise-surprise! Nope, I didn’t eat it, not because I don’t want to but because I can’t. I was already full with the dish I had. So, he had to finish it himself.

caramba rejecocktail

Kylling med Nachos and Rejecocktail. Lunch with Hamed at Jensens Bøfhus.

We talked of stuff we could think of. I learned more about him. And of course, we talked about the evening’s event, too. He said that his friends might go to. He asked me if my friends are coming. I told him, they might, but I’m not sure. So, he better come or else I would be alone. Tinawanan lang ako. He actually didn’t commit that he would go, although he said yes just to stop me from pestering him. It’s just me putting on the impression that he did. Para naman medyo wala siyang kawala. Paganahin ang charm at ang pagiging manipulador. Paminsan-minsan lang naman. Manipulate din pag may time. Hahaha! So, we set a place and time where we would meet and, thank God for the advent of high-technology, we went through the “Just call or text later, okay”.

Although we already have an agreement, I know, that if something’s up, there’s the possibility that he wouldn’t come. So, I readied myself in case I have to go alone. Mabuti na ang handa para hinde nase-stress ang bangs. However, thanks to the gods of procrastination for not putting a spell on him, he actually came. He said that he wanted to text me that he couldn’t come, because there are 3 Iranian girls that invited him out, too, but he declined and said he’s not going to the city. He doesn’t want to be seen. But, he came anyway, for me. Hahaha! So, he was kinda preoccupied the whole time and there were a lot of people out, too, who know him. He seemed so helpless. Being a good friend, I had a great laugh at his predicament. Meanie!

He was like, let’s get out of here (the Walking Street). So, I asked him, where do you wanna go? He said, wherever. So, I told him, let’s just go to the concert. After, 2 or 3 songs, he wanted a beer. So, we went to a convenient store nearby and bought beer. I couldn’t open my can. Dang! So, I asked him to open it for me. Dahil nga wala sa hulog ang utak niya, namali ang pagbukas niya sa lata. Kinailangan pa niyang mag-effort ng bongga mabuksan lamang ito. And guess what? He actually met one of the girls he said no to. Hahahahahahaha! And take note, there’s more, that was the girl that wanted him to be her boyfriend. Ehrmergerd. Mwahahahahaha! Busted! Poor Hamed. >:D

Then, time’s up. He had to go to football. So, he had to leave. But, before leaving, he shook my hands. That was a first. We don’t usually do that. But, hey, whatever. It was fun hanging out with him. I learned more about him during that day. Stuff that I wouldn’t imagine he did. Stuff that made me see his soft and tough side. It was nice getting to know him more and Iran… ’cause we talk about Iran and Philippines, too.

So, Hamed, it was cool hanging out with you, maybe, we should do this again next time. 🙂


Springtime in Odense. Reggae concert at the Havnepladsen for the Havnekulturfest.

From Russia With Love

A Matt Monro song. It’s one of the songs my dad usually plays… and I know it’s a movie. The second James Bond movie (I just googled that a few seconds ago to make sure that it’s a movie, too. Hahaha!).

However, I won’t be talking about the song or the movie. I haven’t seen any 007 movie, actually. Though, I’m listening to the song right now. Nostalgic. I sometimes wake up to this song playing. Reminds me a lot of my dad.

Russia. When I hear of Russia, that phrase always comes to mind. From Russia with love. And communism… and Stalin, Lenin, Trostsky… dictators… but, I just only know their names and that they were leaders of Russia… plus Yeltsin and Putin. Anton Chekhov. I’ve always thought that it’s his work that I read when I was a kid. The Seagull. But, apparently, (I just googled it a few seconds ago. Ulit.) what I’ve read is Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. I don’t know what to think of this long time misconception.

Speaking of Russia also reminds me of Glasnot and Perestroika that was introduced by Mikhail Gorbachev. I’ve encountered Glasnot and Perestroika while reading Sydney Sheldon’s The Doomsday Conspiracy. Hmm… what else? Oh, the St. Basil’s Cathedral. I’ve always wanted to see that since I was a kid. I have always been fascinated by the structure. I guess that’s how far my knowledge about Russia goes.


St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia

Earlier today, I met Natasha and Andrei, siblings from Russia. Natasha just became a Christian a month ago; Andrei, isn’t. But, they both attended the Bible study. Before, we started the Bible study, we had lunch first. Of course, we had a conversation. Filipino pa ba ang tatahimik sa kainan? There were 6 of us, Filipinas. Fortunately, Natasha and Andrei aren’t the type who keep to themselves. So, we really had a very fun and sensible conversation. I had a Russian classmate once; for a few weeks, I think. And he’s really tough-looking and doesn’t socialize much with the rest of our class. Then, I know someone married to a Russian; they don’t really have a lot of good things to say about him. So, honestly speaking, I’m not really impressed. But, meeting Natasha and Andrei was like a breath of fresh air. If you’re so used to the tough stuff about Russia, you’d be thinking, “Oh, so there’s another side to Russia, huh?” We learned a little about their culture from them, and I hope, them from us. And I realized how little we know about Russia. I know Russia but not in the deeper sense of knowing. Moreover, I think Russia has a lot of history and it’s worth knowing.

I know some people… or most people still believe that Russia is a communist country. Truth is, not anymore. If my info is correct, coincidentally, they celebrate their Independence Day on June 12 (Can’t wait for Andrei or Natasha’s response if it’s the right day. Baka kasi tulog na sila.). Now that’s one thing in common between the Philippines and Russia.

Another thing is, I didn’t know that they have the Aurora Borealis, too. In Murmansk, where Natasha and Andrei come from, it’s a common thing during winter. Lucky them! I’ve always wanted to see it. I’ve learned that it’s really a beautiful sight.

Sad to say, they’re going home to Russia next week. It was really fun meeting them and somehow I could see that we could really be friends with them. Well, good thing, there’s Facebook. So, we could still keep in touch. And maybe, when I get the chance to go to Russia, I’d visit them. Well, now that I know them, my hesitation about going to Russia has lessened. I wouldn’t be a total stranger anymore because I now know someone from Russia. 🙂

20s Twenty Snapshots

Like I’ve always said, I love reading… much more than writing I think… (Or maybe I’m just the child of Procrastination that’s why I don’t write a lot). Anyway, I read a lot of blogs in ThoughtCatalog. This one caught my attention: 20 Snapchats To Send In Your 20s. I don’t do Snapchats. I don’t have that application. Instagram nga minsan ko lang gamitin, magda-download pa ba ako ng application na kukuha lang ng space sa phone ko pero di ko naman gagamitin. But, I really got intrigued with it because I like taking pictures and almost all of the items mentioned are shots I’ve taken. (Although, the article itself didn’t really get good feedback from the 6 people who commented. I think I’m the only one who thought of it as a source of inspiration for my own blog). So, I made my own compilation of SnapShots. 🙂

1. Your Shoes


This is one of my favorite shoes. A birthday gift I got for my silver anniversary in this world from my host mom and dad. I’ve always wanted to have a Converse shoes; it’s one of the items in my bucketlist. I was so glad to finally cross this one out from my list. (Although, I’m still on the lookout for Converse shoes on sale, the more the many-er ‘ika nga. Hehehe.)


En gummistovle (a rubber boots). Not my shoes. It’s William’s, the son of my host parents. He’s 10; I was 24 when I took this picture. Go figure. But, I had to take this because it’s not forever I’d be walking on snow. Just want to save this moment.

Footprints in Germany

Leaving footprints on the snow. Yes, I already have a picture of my feet in the snow, so, why another one? It’s because this snow was in Germany. Another snapshot-worthy picture. Mine’s on the left. It’s my friend’s foot on the right.

Ngayon ko lang na-realize, adeeek-adeeekan pala ako sa pagkuha ng picture ng sapatos at paa. I know I have other pics, tinamad lang ako mag-dive sa ibang albums. Hahaha!

2. What You’re Currently Eating

Eto panalo. Marami akong picture ng ganito. Hahaha!


This isn’t technically what I’m eating right now, but this is the latest dish I ate that I had a picture of: Mexicansk pasta served at Froggy’s Cafe.

IMG_0305 IMG_0410

Because fastfood menu differs based on a country’s demography, I couldn’t find Coke Float here in Denmark. So, this calls for resourcefulness, and voila! Homemade Coke Float. Moms!

Moms! KoppuKeikii

I just had to include this picture because it’s a picture of me actually eating… or if you’re that kuti, taking a bite of the yummy strawberry-topped cupcake. 🙂

3. A Selfie

Aha! We finally got to this… If you happen to see my albums, you will discover that I have a lot of solo shots… but, not SELFIES. I just don’t have the skills in taking gorgeous selfies. Pag sinabi mong baka dahil sa di lang talaga ako gorgeous, ipapatapon kita sa Pluto. Bantay lang! That’s why I’d rather take a picture of my shoes.

Selfie iPhone Selfie Digicam

The first one is taken with an iPhone. Just got back to a friend’s house after a night out. The second one is taken with a digicam; taken before I went out to meet a friend.

4. The View Outside Your Window


This was taken a month, I think, after I arrived in Denmark. Autumn pa ito.


The first picture was taken on the first day of winteryung “official” winter talaga kasi may snow… di lang dahil nag end na ang DST. The second picture was taken some time in January I think. It had been 2 weeks since the snow melted and then, when I woke up the following day, snow has settled once again.


Well, I’m posting this one too even if it shows just more snow because this was taken in Germany. Hahaha!

5. A Mutual Friend

I really didn’t get this one. I know what mutual friends mean, but there’s somehow something about this that I missed. So, yeah, I’ll post what I understood. Hahaha!


Me and my barkada+roomie, RJ.


Because she is friends with Jerome…


…I met him and we became friends, too. That makes RJ our mutual friend. 🙂

6. The Cover of the Book You’re Reading


One of the classics. I know the story of the Little Prince but I haven’t read the whole story yet. So, here I am, getting to know the Little Prince all over again. 🙂

7. Your dog/cat walking around


Charlie, the dog.

227158_1947676924738_197701_n 224795_1947676684732_1917338_n

Kiwi, the cat.

8. A Person Sitting Near You


My classmates… My tablemates. 🙂

9. Art You Find Inspiring But Not That Inspiring

This one is difficult… Because I really don’t take pictures of something that doesn’t really inspire me or totally get my interest. But, yeah, maybe this one…


Well, that water fountain is a work of art. It could get your attention, but it doesn’t really inspire me.

10. Something You’re Watching On Netflix.

Since I didn’t subscribe to Netflix, let’s just change it to something I’m watching on AnimeCrazy…

Indspilning i fuld skærm 09-05-2013 232720.bmp

One of my favorite anime series… One Piece! Yohoho! Yohoho! Yohoho! We are! Oretachi wa family! 🙂

11. A Shadow Puppet

I don’t have this. Haven’t made a shadow puppet since forever. But, I have something done with shadows…


I think it’s a Hindu god that has a lot of hands. I couldn’t remember which one.

12. Twirling Around as if You’re in a Tornado

I don’t have this, too. So, I’ll post a jumpshot pic instead…


13. A Concert


I went to a concert today, but my phone failed me, so I wasn’t able to take pictures. At the moment, I could only find this, a mini-concert. But, hey, they played really good songs and they sing so well, too.

14. Classmates During a Boring Lecture

I really looked forward to this item. It was only once that I took a picture during a boring lecture. But, I might do it again. And the only time I took a picture, I wasn’t able to take a picture of the whole class, only one person.

IMG_0669 IMG_0670 IMG_0671

Meet Hamed. He really looks scary in the middle picture. I was about to take a picture of him while he was using his phone, but just when I clicked the capture button, he looked at my direction and that’s the outcome. Hahaha! Pero, love-love ko yang friend ko na yan. 🙂

15. The Sky

First Rainbow

This was taken a few days after I arrived in Denmark. So far, I think, this was the only rainbow I ever saw here in Denmark. Haven’t seen another since then.

16. Something You Just Bought


I only paid 10kr for the shades; the bag, I got for free (may gift card kasi. hahaha!)

17. Your Graduation


Me, my folks and my niece. Nothing untoward happen during my graduation day, well, maybe realizing that the phrase “killer heels” could be true. My feet died using those high heels. I just wanted to go home barefooted. hahaha!

18. Miller High Life

Since I didn’t go to Miller High Life… I’m posting Claret School High Life. ❤


3rd year class picture. Two of the most important persons in my life are missing here. I couldn’t remember why they were not around.

19. The Grocery Store

I couldn’t find a picture of a grocery store… like a really good picture. But, I have this…


… Me standing somehow near a grocery store. That building that you see is a grocery store. 🙂

20. A Cool Shell

I’ve no picture of a cool shell… How about a cool picture of a flag na lang. Hehehe!


They say that this is the oldest flag in the world… Denmark’s. 🙂

So, there you have it, the 20s Twenty Snapshots 🙂

Shall We Dance?

If you make me choose between singing and dancing, it’ll be singing; no questions asked. However, I just realized lately that I like dancing… maybe more than I thought. (I was part of the dance troupe during my elementary and high school days, but it wasn’t really a passion. I just happen to be there, I guess). Though, I dance like there’s no tomorrow only with people I’m comfortable with. Back in the Philippines, I think I only went dancing twice… like in a real club; not just a school acquaintance dance. And I don’t consider videoke bars as a “real dance club”. I hope you get what I mean. In the eight months that I’ve been here in Denmark, last Friday night (until the wee hours in the morning of Saturday) was my fourth time on a night out.

After the third time, I was asking myself, what’s with me, why don’t I attract a guys attention; not that I REALLY wanted one, but it’s awkward when all the friends you’re with get a guy’s attention. And it’s only me who doesn’t get anybody’s interest. May nakakausap nga ako pero dahil yun ay pinapasa saken ng mga kaibigan ko kasi ako yung “spokesperson” ng grupo. I even asked a guy friend if I’m not beautiful ’cause I always end up being the wallflower. Well, I get to answer it myself, maybe God sees that it’s best that way. I get to be spared from awkward moments. I find it awkward kasi if you’re dancing on the dance floor with your friends and then suddenly a guy would pop in front of you and dance with you… just like that. And it’s worse when they somehow become touchy. Although, it didn’t happen to me, kasi nga walang nagkakainteres saken. But, it happens with my friends, and I find it awkward… and funny (kasi sa friends ko nangyayari. Mwahahaha!).

Last Friday night… yeah we danced on tabletops and we took too many shots, think we kissed but I forgot… (sabay kanta eh)…nah, last Friday night was different; I wasn’t even dressed for the occasion. The first three nights we went out, we really spent time prepping up… we actually wore a dress and put our makeup on. On my part, I was thinking, it’s time for socialization, I want to look good naman at di magmukhang Haggardo Versoza. Malay natin, I would meet someone there. ‘Di naman kasi ibig sabihin diba na pag nagka-clubbing eh bad boy or bad girl na agad. I’m not a bad girl (though I’m not a saint either) but I go there. So, I think there would be guys there who actually just want to socialize and not look for someone to get laid with. Bigyan ng benefit of the “daw” ang mga lalake. This time, because it was unplanned, I was wearing a blouse, yellow jeans and my red sneakers; and I had an overnight bag with me (’cause I’m sleeping over at a friend’s place and I didn’t want to go to her place first before going out because it means a very long biking tour for me. Maawa naman sa binti ko. Nagbike na ko during the day nung Friday papunta at pauwi galing sa school. One hour biking na yun. So, we decided we’ll just meet in the city). We were supposed to just go to a concert at 7:00PM and go home afterwards, but my host mom decided that I get my Saturday off so we can stay out late if we want to. I was on my way to the city when I finally got in touch with my friend and tell her that I’m sleeping over at her place (she asked me earlier to sleep at her place but I said “No” because I thought my host family would need me the following day). So, we decided we’ll go clubbing then.

We met other Filipinas in the city, and these girls are used to being out, so they really know places. We first went to Color Bar; it’s a sing-and-dance bar. But, mostly people go there to sing. It’s unlike most videoke bars in the Philippines where you’re inside a room or you’re just on your seat when you sing. In Color Bar, you have to go up the stage and sing. I know may ganito sa Worlds of Fun sa Pilipinas. As usual, my friends started to get into conversation with some people there. I noticed a guy looking at our direction over and over and over again. Hanggang sa ‘di na ‘ata siya nakatiis at lumapit na talaga siya sa pwesto namin kasama ang kaibigan niyang, I would emphasize, babae. ‘Di kasi pwedeng ‘di ko isali na kasama yung babae na lumapit. It just won’t feel right… well, on my part. He spoke to me, ako mismo ang kinausap niya, ‘di siya ipinasa lamang. He was decent naman. He really looked cute. Yung tipong maraming magkaka-crush. But, he really looked so delicate, too. Parang alagain. I guess he had the child-like-kind-of-cute-charm (na pauso ko). But, nope, he’s not the one I danced with that night. Wait lang, darating din tayo dyan.

Nung nakauwi na yung ibang kaibigan namin, yung mga sanay sa night out, may lumapit na namang lalaki at kumausap saken (although in between nyan eh may isang lalaking nangungulit sa amin and may grupo kaming katabi na kumakausap sa isang kaibigan ko). He wanted to find out where we’re from ’cause his friend was thinking we’re from Italy and he doesn’t agree. Asking us where we’re from is usually the first question we’re asked by anybody. We had a very little small talk. I wanted to expand the conversation but I was feeling awkward then. (For the record, he said his name, but I don’t know how it’s spelled, so let’s just skip that. Maybe I should have asked how he spell his name. So, let’s just call him Mr. Unspelled).

The reason we stayed in Color Bar a little longer is because we were waiting if the DJ is gonna play the song we requested, we still wanted to sing. When it became evident that Karaoke Night is over, we decided to change place. We went to Blomster & Bien. It was our third time there. It’s a better place to dance than Color Bar. After a few minutes, we saw Mr. Unspelled and his companions in the bar. We waved at each other. We didn’t think they would come to us again, but they did. He spoke to me again and my other friend spoke with Jesper (buti pa siya kaya kong i-spell ang name), his companion. My other two friends were just listening and contributing in the conversation once in a while. This time, I wasn’t feeling awkward, napalagay na ang loob ko. He was very decent, too, and we have a very interesting topic… Denmark, Philippines, job, education and whatnot… Then he asked me to dance, nagdalawang isip pa ko nyan… mga three seconds. Since, I wasn’t feeling awkward with him anymore, I was like, sure, why not. Thanks to the Amnesia god/goddess, I couldn’t remember what was the first song we danced to. I could only remember dancing with him to the tune of Forget You. Hahaha!

It was fun. I thought I got a “proper” dance. And he danced really well. It was just funny because he is so tall; he stands 6 feet compared to my 4’9″ stature. Teehahahaha! But, my friends said hataw naman daw yung pagsayaw ko which I would like to presume as hindi kahiya-hiya yung pagsayaw ko. Hehehe. So, there I realized that’s how I wanted to be asked for a dance, yung tipo bang it just came naturally na while having a conversation, you hear this music and you feel it’s the right music to dance to, so you ask the person for a dance. ‘Di na awkward. I actually enjoyed dancing with him. That’s how it happened with the first dance I had here in Denmark with a used-to-be-total-stranger-but-a-stranger-still, Lasse (you’ll probably meet him when I run out of reason to procrastinate). It started with a conversation and it just seemed natural for us to share a dance.

Then it’s time for us to go home… it’s getting late, dark outside… (kanta-kanta din pag may time. Hahaha!). Nah, it’s time for us to go home and it’s not getting late… it’s getting morning. Hahaha! We went out 4:30AM (perstaym na inabutan kami ng ganyang oras) at maliwanag na; the sun’s about to rise. So, we said our goodbyes. I said vi ses… måske. He said something in Danish which is equivalent to the chances are slim, although not impossible. It’s because I don’t always go on a night out, he doesn’t, too. So, he was right on. This kind of acquaintance makes me hope to meet someone not just for one night. Well, if I get to meet him again, I’d probably befriend him. But, until then…

A Dansk Experience: Kids in Action

Pinagtitripan ‘ata ako ng mga bata.

I had a funny (or awkward maybe) moment last Friday. May nakasalubong akong bata. Sebastian daw ang pangalan niya. He talked to me in fast Danish. Nagnosebleed ako. Sa dami ng sinabi niya, konti lang naintindihan ko. Sumagot na lang talaga ako ng “di ko alam”, in dansk syempre. At nag-farvel na kami sa isa’t isa. Pero, bago siya tuluyang nakalayo, lumingon pa siya at tinanong ang pangalan ko. Hankyut lang. hihihi!

Akala ko sapat na yung experience na yun para sa isang linggo. I was wrong. Kinabukasan, may nakasalubong na naman akong bata, dalawa na sila ngayon. Kinausap nila ako, in fast Danish (again). Nosebleed ulit ako. Nagtatanong sila, tungkol sa ngipin ata. Di ako sigurado. Di ko rin alam anong isasagot ko, kaya nag “det ved jeg ikke, undskyld” na lang ako. At nagfarvel na ako. Dahil sa pangyayaring yun, napaisip ako, I need to double time on practicing my dansk at ng hinde puro “det ved jeg ikke” na lang ang isasagot ko. Nakakasawa na ring magnosebleed. Mauubusan ako ng dugo. Hahaha.

Akala ko (ulit, marami talaga ang namamatay sa maling akala), sapat na yun para sa isang araw. I was proven wrong again. Paborito talaga ako ng mga bata. Hahaha. Kinahapunan, pagkatapos ng service sa church, dahil may oras pa, may bukas pang stores, naisipan kong dumaan sa walking street. Pagkatapos kong bilhin ang pinapabili ng kaibigan ko, lumakad na ako papuntang H&M (where most stuff are sold at a very affordable price but still with great quality), nang biglang may humarang na bata at nag-abot ng rose. Syempre, nagdalawang-isip ako na tanggapin yun. Kaso, mapilit, kinuha ko na. May inabot siyang papel. Nagsosolicit pala, for medicine daw. Nagbigay ako ng konting halaga. Pagkatapos kong i-abot ang pera, binawi nya ang rose. BINAWI ANG ROSE. Napa-homergerd ako sa isip ko. Akala ko (this time I died, sabi kasing marami ang namamatay sa maling akala eh) pag-uwi ko may rose na akong dala. May souvenir na sana ako sa perstaym kong pamamasyal ng mag-isa. Hahaha.

Dahil di ako maka-move on agad sa incident, sa Magasin (where signature brands are sold. Kumbaga, magdadalawang-isip ka kung bibilhin mo o hinde ang bagay na natipuhan mo dun dahil sa presyo. Pero, pagsale, wag na magdalawang-isip) ko na naisipang magwindowshopping. Tutal nasa tapat ko na. At dahil mag-aalas kwatro na nun, malamang di ko na maabutang bukas ang H&M. Ayun, may nahanap na ako na gusto kong isulat sa Christmas wishlist ko. Forgets ko na yung rose incident.

Pero, papalabas ako ng Magasin nang may makita akong babaeng may hawak-hawak na rose, bigla ko na namang naalala yung rose incident. Di pa pala ako tuluyang naka-get over. Nasabi ko tuloy (sa isip ko lang naman), “Boyfriend, bigyan mo ako ng kapalit nung binawing rose.” Then it hit me, wala nga pala akong boyfriend. Hahaha. Kaya, pasensyahan na lang. Tiis ako na walang bulaklak na natatanggap. Oo naman noh, kahit na may pagka-cynical ako, at kahit di practical ang bulaklak, bet ko pa rin makatanggap ng bulaklak. May romantic bone din naman ako sa katawan. Saka cute kaya sana yung makatanggap ng rose galing sa bata. Pero, na-scam pa ata ako. Hahaha!

Ayun, plano ko kahapon na gumala today. I-eexplore ko sana yung woods malapit sa neighborhood namin. I was kind of dreading nga to go outside kasi baka magkaroon na naman ako ng kid encounter at tuluyan na akong maubusan ng dugo. Hahaha. But, since late ako natulog at late ako nagising today, di natuloy ang balak ko. Di ako nakalabas ng bahay. Walang nangyaring kakaiba sa araw ko. Same old-same old. Boring. But, I had enough excitement yesterday and Friday, so tama na rin muna siguro yun. Okay na rin yung peaceful ang araw ko ngayon. Mag-iimbak na muna ako ng dugo para handa ako sa ibang araw. XD