An Open Letter to Chichiwe: Year 2

Kære Daddy Deng,

Today”s Father’s Day here in Denmark, and in the Philippines, you’ll be celebrating it on the 3rd Sunday of June. So, I wanted to greet you a Happy, Happy Father’s Day. Hurrah! Hurrah! And a looooong… Hurraaaaah! Hihi. A lot of things happened after my last open letter to you and until this letter. Things changed, and most I believe, for the better. But, if there’s one thing that’s constant, it’s that I still think that you’re the best dad in the world. 🙂

I have a better relationship with God now… more intimate, more personal. Thank you for always reminding me to read my Bible and say my prayers. If I’m not mistaken, you’ve read the whole Bible twice. I could remember those afternoons I would see you sitting on a chair with your glasses on and reading the big Bible we have. And just saying, I am really fascinated with that Bible, with all the colorful photographs.Thank you for always reminding me to trust God in everything I do and to thank Him always. Of course you know I’m part of the worship team now at the Baptist Church. Do you remember I asked you, after reading the lifestory of St. Therese of Lisieux, what do you think about me entering the convent. You were somehow taken aback and you told me to focus on my bachelor first and we could discuss it after I graduate. Now, I have graduated and I got my degree, but I don’t think I’m going to enter a convent now and became a nun. I’ll do something else to serve God. I don’t think the convent or cloister is the place where God wants me to be. But, if you look back, a lot of people assumed that I would become a nun someday because I used to spend a lot of time in our church actively participating in almost all of the activities. Thanks for supporting me and allowing me to be an active member in our church. Do you remember there was a moment in our lives when it was just you and me who goes to church together? I guess that was the time that Mommy was still fuming mad and disappointed with me. But you, you were really just like the father of the prodigal son, you just showed me love and never said any resentful word towards me. And no, I don’t take that sad moments against mom, she has all the right to be angry and disappointed anyway. But, once again, thank you for your forgiveness. Just thinking about how things have been, I’d say, I see a trait of our Heavenly Father in you. Isn’t that wonderful? This makes me very excited to meet and greet our Heavenly Father.

I felt guilty that I am on my second open Father’s Day letter to you, but I didn’t do this with mom. But, later on I realized, it’s probably because whenever I call the two of you, it’s always mom who speaks a lot with me. I have most conversations with her. You, you would just be glad to hear my voice; ask how I’m doing; make a small talk; tell me to take care, don’t forget to go to church, and put God in everything I do; and then you’d tell me, here’s mom, she has a lot to tell you; and of course, you always say that you love me and I love you a lot, too. I think I got my listening skill from you and my talking abilities from Mommy. Hihi.

And after 48 years and a thousand moons, I fell in love again, still am. But, this time, I was able to tell you about it. Well, not all the details. But, at least, I was able to open this on my own; to tell you that I found someone. And I am very determined to let you know about it, that I finally found someone I could introduce to you and our family. I really hope that you could meet him someday.  You’ll enjoy his company. I believe that you guys would understand each other; that you could have amazing conversations together. And oh, I’m not sure if Achie Joy showed you his picture, but according to Joana, Carol and Flor, he looks a lot like you. Especially when he smiles and/or frown his forehead. Haha. Daddy Deng, you’re little girl is growing up na and turning into what I hope to be a fine lady. But, nah, I guess I’ll probably turn into a warrior princess. Hahaha! There’s so much about him that I could tell you but I’m gonna stop because there is the possibility that he would read this and keda pa grande disuyo cabeza kay all praises yo. Hehehe. Di ko naman balak na ipaalam sa kanya ano ang blog ko, gusto ko lang ipakita yung layout. Aba nung bumalik sa kinauupuan niya eh ni-scan agad-agad at keen observer nga yata talaga, nahanap niya agad yung pangalan ni Darwish at yung joke ko tungkol kay Hamed.Hoy, ikaw, pag nabasa mo ‘to, bakit yung pangalan ni Darwish di mo nakakalimutan, pero yung pangalan ng isla namin, isang century pa yata bago mo maalala? At eto pa, Deng, kinabukasan, bukas pa rin yung site ko sa computer niya. Kalurkey!!! And oh, just to make things clear Deng, he’s not my boyfriend, I just love him like he’s the one. Hihihi. Ayaw sa akin nung tao eh, anong magagawa natin diba? Di naman pwedeng pilitin diba? Sabi nga, ang hinog sa pilit, mapait. But, if you knew how things have been better and how happy I’ve been since I met him, you would be glad I did. So, fighting lang nuh maskin pa iyo lang el ta ama conele.

It’s quite sad though that I might not be able to go home for a vacation this December. Well, you know, I’m going to a Bible school and I have to pay my fees. So, the money intended for my trip, I’ll use to pay for my dues in school. But, we’ll see what God’s plan is. His plan is always better than my plan anyway. So, I’ll just trust in God’s plan and let Him lead me through it. Who knows, He just might bring you and mom here. Oh diba bongga? He’s really been doing amazing things in my life lately; making His presence felt. It’s just awesome!

So, stay safe and healthy, ne, Chichiwe… I still wanna see you and mom celebrate your golden wedding anniversary, and that would be in 3 years. When I get married, I want to celebrate my golden or diamond wedding anniversary, too. Do you know who I wanna get married to, Deng? Este kita ta habla, kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan? Sabe ya si quien Deng nuh? Hihihi. But, he always push me to some other guy, always telling me that I could fall in love another person. Pasaway! Well, okay, fine, whatever. But, yeah, if I’m gonna get married, I, in cooperation with my husband, will work out to make it lasts our lifetime and eternity. People would probably react with “Big words”. Kebz.

I miss you a lot, Deng. The last time I dreamt of you, I woke up and found myself in tears. I was crying in my dreams. I got worried but I know you’re fine. It turned out that Francoise, his goldfish, died. We really have to do Skype often. I have to talk to Achie about this. It would be nice if you could have internet connection at home, but, the way things are happening there in the isla, it’s not really worth it. So, I’ll figure this out with Achie.

There are more things I wanna tell you, but I believe it’s better if I just say it to you personally. I just wanna show the world how proud I am to be your daughter with this open letter. You are the best dad in the world and I can’t thank God enough for blessing me with your love and life. Thanks for letting this little girl become your world at some point in your life. Yo te amo mucho Daddy Deng. Besos y abrazos.

Med kærlig hilsen,
Vess 🙂



An Open Letter to Chichiwe

Dear Daddy Deng,

Yesterday was Father’s Day here in Denmark… and in the Philippines, it’s just around the corner. So, Happy Father’s day to you… the best dad in the world. You probably won’t read this because I haven’t told you I have a blog. But, I’m actually considering letting you in on this; this one’s for you anyway. I even thought of maybe reading it to you, but I don’t think it’s a good idea. I might cry my heart out again. Remember the time I gave a speech about the Second Word of Jesus’ Seven Last Words? After I wrote my speech, I needed an audience to hear it; to comment on it. I read it to you and I couldn’t help myself but cry. I couldn’t read your facial expression when you saw me crying but I know you knew that it was my way of officially saying sorry. You asked me if I would be okay when I give my speech; if I am sure I wanted to do it. With tears still streaming from my eyes, I laughingly answered you I would be okay, I can manage.

Thank you for your loving protection. Although you and Mommy tend to be overprotective of me. You actually were, I think. Whereas my classmates during high school could go out with friends and watch movies together (at a friend’s place), I couldn’t. When it isn’t school-related or weekend or birthday, I couldn’t go out. Though I could bring friends over anytime, which is a good thing (my close friends even call you and mommy, Daddy and Mommy, because they’re with us like everyday during weekdays. I can’t remember if everyone calls you Daddy Deng, too or it was only Andrew, Cherry, and Mheng). Bad thing is we don’t have a telly, we can’t watch series or movies when we want to. Hehehe.  You feared for my safety. I didn’t understand that before. I thought you folks were strict. Maybe you were. Haha.

Thank you for giving me everything I needed and sometimes the things I wanted. Thank you for spoiling me; thank you for not allowing me to be a brat. I am spoiled, but not a brat. I remember when I was in elementary I asked you to bring bamboo when you come home from working in the mountain village. I couldn’t remember now why I needed those bamboo, but that time it was important for me that you bring it. However, you forgot. So, trying to imitate what I saw on the telly (sabi na kasing nakakaimpluwensya ang media), I threw a fit. I stamped my foot, got mad at you and threw my clothes all over. But, being brought up as a good daughter and not a brat, I got guilty afterwards. I picked up the clothes I threw. I haven’t thrown any tantrum that way ever again. I had to clean up my mess afterwards. No thanks. Hehehe.

Thank you for the awesome talks during mealtimes. Our dinner is always fun. Thank you for letting me ask my questions, even the stupid ones. You always entertain my queries. Whereas Mommy gets annoyed when I ask too much, you were patient. Even when I learned the “never-ending-question-why”. Being a kid, I think I asked those questions just to piss you off.  You heard a lot of “porque?” from me. Our dinner together was never silent, we all love to talk. I remember we had a conversation about crushes because you read one of my slum books. Pakalat-kalat kasi sa bahay ang mga slum book ko. But, you got the luck to read a “safe” name. I think I wrote Rico Yan. He was an actor. Safe!!! Hahaha!

Then during my summer before 2nd year in college, you accompanied me to the ship I would embark bound for Cebu. When we were aboard the ship, you asked me if Darwish is courting me. I just laughed at your question (because it’s one of the 3 questions I laugh at when asked about me and Darwish). I said, no, he’s not. But, know what? I really wanted to tell you “How I wish that he is courting me.” Hahaha! You probably know then that I like Darwish… I’m not sure if you knew I loved him. I have been wondering, too, what you told him the last time he visited. I didn’t get to see him that time because I didn’t know he was coming and I was taking a bath. I just knew he came by because he sent me an SMS saying that he did and you also told me that the “police” dropped by. By the way, he’s a policeman now, but I’m so over him na. Woohoo! Di mo na po talaga siya mamanugangin. hahaha!

Oh, yeah, wanna know my crush now, Daddy Deng? With all the bad rep the Middle East have, you’d probably freak out if you find out I have a crush on an Iranian. Okay, maybe not; just alarmed… and he wants to come along when I go home there. There, you can freak out now. But, knowing you, you won’t. You don’t freak out; you’d just kill him with your corny jokes. Hihi.

Speaking of jokes, I always laugh, exasperatedly at times, at your banat because no matter how corny the jokes you tell, you say it in a funny way. Maybe that’s the reason why Jomar and the other kids always laugh when you tell them your jokes. And I find it funny that Jomar calls you “NANG Jun” instead of “NONG Jun”. Hahaha! He turned you into a woman. I also remember you telling a joke to me and Mommy on a candlelit night (as usual brownout na isla). That was really epic. My belly ached from laughing. Thinking about it makes me miss our bonding session.

You’re turning 75 on December, I hope we could make it a very special one. So, stay healthy, ne Chichiwe? I know you’re not at your best health now, unlike ages ago, but still, keep safe and healthy. I still want you and Mommy to walk me down the aisle to the altar on my wedding day… if I get married someday. I won’t ask you to sing Bob Carlisle’s Butterfly Kisses, but I hope you would dedicate that song to me… I am sent from heaven to be your little girl. Hahaha! But, if you want to, you can sing that song for me Daddy Deng. And you know what, I may promise my love, my life to another man someday… but, you’ll always be my Number 1 love. I’ll always be your little girl. Figuratively and literally.

There’s another thing, I wonder why you and Mommy call each other Deng. Ayan tuloy, I grew up calling you Deng. I don’t even know your lovestory. Maybe I should ask you that the next time I call you two. I’m already 25 and I don’t know how you two met. My other friends, they know their parents’ lovestory while they were still kids. I definitely would ask you soon. 🙂

Thank you for allowing me to argue with you. I think it’s because of our arguments that I have this love-hate relationship with politics. You encouraged me to exercise my critical thinking skills. Thank you for encouraging me to be outspoken and to speak my mind reasonably. Between the two of us, I think it’s me who always gets heat up during our arguments. I think it’s because of this that when the need for debate appears, I could defend myself.

Thank you for sharing your passion for reading. I love reading. I am glad I do… all thanks to you. I remember you made me read a thick paperback when I was in Grade 3, I think. It’s not really a kid stuff, but you still encouraged me to enhance my reading and comprehension skills. I am just grateful that I have this love for reading because if I don’t, I won’t be able to enjoy the things I enjoy from reading.

Thank you for everything. Words are not enough to show you how much I appreciate you for being my father; not enough to show you how much I love you. But, I LOVE YOU. Te amo mucho Daddy Deng. Besos y abrazos. Cuidate pirmi.

Your little girl,

Vess 🙂

PS. It was your idea to spell my nickname that way. Thanks.

PPS. I might marry that Iranian. JOKE!!! Hahaha! 😛


Let’s have more pictures taken when I come home. 🙂

Ten-Day Blog Challenge: Day Six



My family has always mean a lot to me. So, I’m not including them here to give space to others that I also cherish.

1. VALENTINAS. I consider this group as one person because I have to include all of them. They’re my family in Cebu.

2. Shameer. My BFF.

3. Mars Company. Just like Valentinas, I have to include them all. They’re my family here in Odense.

4. The Heides. My host family.

5. Hamed. Well…

Ten-Day Blog Challenge: Day Five



I have acknowledged that whatever misfortune or regrets I have are necessary challenges in my life for me to be where I am now and for me to meet the people I deeply cherish. So, I have made my peace with all the woes I’ve been to. Although, I would admit that from time to time, there are still stuff that come back to me and haunt me and make me say, I wish I’ve never done that. Here it goes, in no particular order.

1. I wish I didn’t take up Nursing in college. I never dreamed of becoming a nurse. But, here I am, a registered nurse. Nurse by profession.

2. I wish I didn’t let my first boyfriend manipulate me. Our breakup wasn’t the most painful among the breakups I’ve been to, but my relationship with him was the most chaotic I had.

3. I wish I didn’t admit doing that idiotic thing my friend did. I don’t know what I was thinking that time. Either I am a really good friend, trying to save her from trouble, or I was just plain stupid.

4. I wish I didn’t stop from trying to be on top of our class. I used to be an honor student when I was in elementary and high school; but, when I reached college (and started dating my first boyfriend) everything went downhill. Plus that thing with my friend, I went through a phase where my life was a mess.

5. I wish I didn’t fall in love with Awing. I don’t regret loving him because it was by loving him that I learned unconditional love.; I learned a lot by loving him. But, that’s not always the case. There are times I wish I didn’t.

6. I wish I didn’t let the opportunity to be a paid blogger pass me by. However, there’s a conflict of schedule. If I accept that, I wouldn’t have my weekend for myself. That’s the only time I could relax a bit. Goodluck naman sa mental and emotional health ko.

Ten-Day Blog Challenge: Day One



1. Valentinas: (I have to consider this group as one person, dahil sa member pa lang ng barkadahang to, 8 na agad magagamit ko. hahaha!) I miss you and I love you all mga ateh at natatanging kuya. I miss the bonding and all that. Pa-hug! 🙂

2. Awing: I am so over you. mwahahaha!

3. DNAngels including the honorary DNAngels member Ady, Galih and Yuan: (Considered as one din para save sa space. hehehe!) Laro-laro din kayo pag may time. I miss playing with you all. I miss the asaran with ANG and the language lesson with Galih and Yuan. Miss the kabaitan ni Kuya Ady. At syempre, I miss the adeeek mode with RJ; yung maabutan ng umaga sa internetan para maglaro. May baon pang pagkain para sa magdamagang run at PVP. hahaha!

4. Jing-ah: Kumusta? It’s been a while. I really hope we could go back to the way we used to be. Really good friends. I know it’s my fault and I’m sorry. I’ve said this to you. You accepted it. But, things weren’t how it used to. I really hope someday you’ll finally see in your heart to really get over what happened between us.

5. Hamed: You’re so gwapo talaga, but, kahit anong chemistry at physics (per Cai’s comment) pa tayo meron, di talaga uubra kung walang economics at more-than-friend na love syempre. Hahaha. But, you’re really welcome to go home with me to Pinas next year. Di ka matitripang kidnapin dun. Pramis! And hey, if you go to Turkey or India or wherever this summer, don’t forget to buy something for me. Or else… mag-iisip pa ko ng consequence. Hahaha!

6. Ma’am Nini: Hi Ma’am! How are you? You still remain my favorite teacher. But, I guess I’m not good with keeping in touch with authority, I am so not updated with the things in your life. I hope you’re doing well. I hope to see you again… maybe, next year. Thank you for all the lessons shared, classroom and out of it. You’re really one of the best.

7. Ma’am Pat: I will write to you ASAP. Please don’t let go.

8. Nicole: I will do my best to keep in touch. I will find time to send you a letter. Hope to see you in Germany. Sana kasi mahanap kita sa Facebook.

9. Connie: Con, where are you? I’ll try to find you, too. Hope to see you in Germany, too. Haven’t heard from you in a very long while. Haven’t seen you update your Facebook.

10. Folks… that is to say, mudra, pudra, ate, kuya, and immediate pamangkin: Call and chat with you guys. Love lots! 🙂

The Second Word

*I posted this on Multiply last May 08, 2009. This was the reflection I gave when I was asked to be one of the speakers for the Seven Last Words on Good Friday 2009. Credit also goes to Mr. Mark D. Roberts. Trivia 1: When I practiced reading this and asked my dad to listen, I cried… this was somehow my way to say I’m sorry. My dad asked me if I will be able to read this in front of everyone and not breakdown. I answered, yes, I can manage, and I did. Trivia 2: I was the youngest among the speakers. Ako lang talaga ata ang bata. I was 21 when I became one of the speakers. My fellow speakers were in their 40s and up.*


“Truly I tell you; today you will be with me in Paradise.”

Na diaton mundo ahora manada umal balita. Double-dead meat sold in the market, Ebola virus, salmonella on certain food items, bombings, kidnappings, global financial crisis, global warming, unemployment, extrajudicial killings, graft and corruption, and war are just some of the bad news. It is depressing. Frustrating. Heart-breaking. Minsan mas gugustuhin na lang natin ang wag makialam; ang hindi manood o makinig ng balita upang hindi panghinaan ng loob at masaktan o kaya ay magalit dahil sa nangyayari sa bansa at sa mundo. Dol escuridad el ta gana ahora. Manada kita ta experiencia sufriemiento y dolor. Tiene vez siguro ta sinti kita dol nuay mas esperanza. Yet there is goodness. There is hope. There is a cure for sin. A cure that does not promise magical solutions but promises that the pain of sin is not the end, that when all this is over, when the suffering is finished that the final word is not torture and defeat but life — life springing out of the ashes, life transformed and fulfilled in Paradise. To the compassionate thief; to the one who could still recognize the good in the world; to the one who tried to comfort and protect that good; to the one who sought good — Comfort was given “Truly I tell you; today you will be with me in Paradise.”

Cuando clavao si Hesus na cruz, ya gangya con Ele el maga lideres y maga soldao. El uno del maga criminal crucificao hunto con Ele ya desprecia y ya insulta tamen con Ele. But the other crucified criminal sensed that Jesus was being treated unjustly. After speaking up for Jesus, he cried out, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom” (Lk.23:42).

Jesus responded to this criminal, “Truly I tell you; today you will be with me in Paradise” (Lk.23:43). The word paradise, from the Greek word paradeisos, which meant “garden,” was used in the Greek Old Testament as a word for the Garden of Eden. In Judaism of the time of Jesus it was associated with heaven, and also with the future when God would restore all things to the perfection of the Garden. Paradise was sometimes thought to be the place where righteous people went after death. This seems to be the way Jesus uses paradise in this passage.

Thus we have encountered one of the most astounding and encouraging verses in all of Scripture. Jesus promised that the criminal would be with him in paradise. Yet the text of Luke gives us no reason to believe this man had been a follower of Jesus or even a believer in him in any well-developed sense. He might have felt sorry for his sins, but he did not obviously repent. Rather, the criminal’s cry to be remembered seems more like a desperate, last-gasp effort.

With this passage we know that Our God is a God of mercy and love. His mercy exceeds anything we might imagine. Un ehemplo del misericordia del Señor ya dale canaton mira si Hesucristo por medio del parabula del prodigal son. The son said to him (his father), “Father, I have sinned against God and against you, I no longer deserve to be called your son” (Lk.15:21) Did his father turn his back on his son? Pinagalitan ba niya ang pasaway nyang anak? NO. Rather, when the father caught sight of him, he ran out to meet him, threw his arms around his neck, and kissed him (Lk.15:20). The father said to his servants: “Quick! Bring out the finest robe and put it on him, put a ring on his finger and shoes on his feet. Take the fatted calf and kill it. Let us eat and celebrate because this son of mine was dead and has come back to life. He was lost and is found. (Lk.15:22-24)

Tiene tamen un estudyante. An A-student. Ya estudya le embuenamente desde elementary asta college. Honor student le asta high school. Involved na extra-curricular activities asta college. It so happened na cuando 3rd year college ele ya tene aberiya. Nuay ele entra escuela sin permiso del disuyu maga mayores. Nuay ele entra escuela hinde por causa kay yan loko ele na “lovelife”; hinde por causa na bisyo. Sino por causa kay ya perde disuyu gana y ya sinti ele na hinde disuyu “calling” el disuyu curso. Yes, it may be the case, nuay man loko na “lovelife” o na bisyo, but still it was wrong. Mali el cosa le ya hace. Ta accepta le disuyu mali and she was sorry for it. Ya pidi le perdon. However, not everybody understood. Poco lang el ya entede conele. Aquellos lang quien ya experiencia igual suceso. Most of them did not and others would not. They only thought of the wasted money, time, energy and effort. Ta entende le. Tiene sila punto. Pero, el ta necesita le que ay entende conele, kay ele tamen ta sufri. Hinde ele el mal bata. Triste y dolorido le kay sabe ele na yan disappoint le disuyu mayores and they were hurt, too.

But, God is good. He is gracious. Ya dale El Dios conele open-minded parents; understanding parents. Igual na tata na parabula del prodigal son, ya recibi otra vez conele el disuyu maga mayores.

Though our situation is so different from the criminal who cried out to Jesus, we are nevertheless quite like him. Aren’t we blessed to have such a faithful, loving and merciful God?

Though we should make every effort to have right theology, and though we should live our lives each day as disciples of Jesus, in the end, our relationship with him comes down to simple trust. “Jesus, remember me,” we cry. And Jesus, embodying the mercy of God, says to us, “You will be with me in paradise.” We are welcome there not because we have right theology, and not because we are living rightly, but because God is merciful and we have put our trust in Jesus.

Before I end this I want to leave you with the following questions: Have you staked your life on Jesus? Have you put your ultimate trust in him? Alam mo ba na pag dumating na ang oras mo, makakasama mo Siya sa paraiso? Naniniwala ka ba? Ta cree ba tu na el Señor Jesucristo nunca ay olvida y abandona contigo basta llama tu Conele con todo corazon? Mosalig ba ta sa Ginoo nga walay bisan gamay nga pagduda?

Take time to pause and reflect. God bless us all.

20s Twenty Snapshots

Like I’ve always said, I love reading… much more than writing I think… (Or maybe I’m just the child of Procrastination that’s why I don’t write a lot). Anyway, I read a lot of blogs in ThoughtCatalog. This one caught my attention: 20 Snapchats To Send In Your 20s. I don’t do Snapchats. I don’t have that application. Instagram nga minsan ko lang gamitin, magda-download pa ba ako ng application na kukuha lang ng space sa phone ko pero di ko naman gagamitin. But, I really got intrigued with it because I like taking pictures and almost all of the items mentioned are shots I’ve taken. (Although, the article itself didn’t really get good feedback from the 6 people who commented. I think I’m the only one who thought of it as a source of inspiration for my own blog). So, I made my own compilation of SnapShots. 🙂

1. Your Shoes


This is one of my favorite shoes. A birthday gift I got for my silver anniversary in this world from my host mom and dad. I’ve always wanted to have a Converse shoes; it’s one of the items in my bucketlist. I was so glad to finally cross this one out from my list. (Although, I’m still on the lookout for Converse shoes on sale, the more the many-er ‘ika nga. Hehehe.)


En gummistovle (a rubber boots). Not my shoes. It’s William’s, the son of my host parents. He’s 10; I was 24 when I took this picture. Go figure. But, I had to take this because it’s not forever I’d be walking on snow. Just want to save this moment.

Footprints in Germany

Leaving footprints on the snow. Yes, I already have a picture of my feet in the snow, so, why another one? It’s because this snow was in Germany. Another snapshot-worthy picture. Mine’s on the left. It’s my friend’s foot on the right.

Ngayon ko lang na-realize, adeeek-adeeekan pala ako sa pagkuha ng picture ng sapatos at paa. I know I have other pics, tinamad lang ako mag-dive sa ibang albums. Hahaha!

2. What You’re Currently Eating

Eto panalo. Marami akong picture ng ganito. Hahaha!


This isn’t technically what I’m eating right now, but this is the latest dish I ate that I had a picture of: Mexicansk pasta served at Froggy’s Cafe.

IMG_0305 IMG_0410

Because fastfood menu differs based on a country’s demography, I couldn’t find Coke Float here in Denmark. So, this calls for resourcefulness, and voila! Homemade Coke Float. Moms!

Moms! KoppuKeikii

I just had to include this picture because it’s a picture of me actually eating… or if you’re that kuti, taking a bite of the yummy strawberry-topped cupcake. 🙂

3. A Selfie

Aha! We finally got to this… If you happen to see my albums, you will discover that I have a lot of solo shots… but, not SELFIES. I just don’t have the skills in taking gorgeous selfies. Pag sinabi mong baka dahil sa di lang talaga ako gorgeous, ipapatapon kita sa Pluto. Bantay lang! That’s why I’d rather take a picture of my shoes.

Selfie iPhone Selfie Digicam

The first one is taken with an iPhone. Just got back to a friend’s house after a night out. The second one is taken with a digicam; taken before I went out to meet a friend.

4. The View Outside Your Window


This was taken a month, I think, after I arrived in Denmark. Autumn pa ito.


The first picture was taken on the first day of winteryung “official” winter talaga kasi may snow… di lang dahil nag end na ang DST. The second picture was taken some time in January I think. It had been 2 weeks since the snow melted and then, when I woke up the following day, snow has settled once again.


Well, I’m posting this one too even if it shows just more snow because this was taken in Germany. Hahaha!

5. A Mutual Friend

I really didn’t get this one. I know what mutual friends mean, but there’s somehow something about this that I missed. So, yeah, I’ll post what I understood. Hahaha!


Me and my barkada+roomie, RJ.


Because she is friends with Jerome…


…I met him and we became friends, too. That makes RJ our mutual friend. 🙂

6. The Cover of the Book You’re Reading


One of the classics. I know the story of the Little Prince but I haven’t read the whole story yet. So, here I am, getting to know the Little Prince all over again. 🙂

7. Your dog/cat walking around


Charlie, the dog.

227158_1947676924738_197701_n 224795_1947676684732_1917338_n

Kiwi, the cat.

8. A Person Sitting Near You


My classmates… My tablemates. 🙂

9. Art You Find Inspiring But Not That Inspiring

This one is difficult… Because I really don’t take pictures of something that doesn’t really inspire me or totally get my interest. But, yeah, maybe this one…


Well, that water fountain is a work of art. It could get your attention, but it doesn’t really inspire me.

10. Something You’re Watching On Netflix.

Since I didn’t subscribe to Netflix, let’s just change it to something I’m watching on AnimeCrazy…

Indspilning i fuld skærm 09-05-2013 232720.bmp

One of my favorite anime series… One Piece! Yohoho! Yohoho! Yohoho! We are! Oretachi wa family! 🙂

11. A Shadow Puppet

I don’t have this. Haven’t made a shadow puppet since forever. But, I have something done with shadows…


I think it’s a Hindu god that has a lot of hands. I couldn’t remember which one.

12. Twirling Around as if You’re in a Tornado

I don’t have this, too. So, I’ll post a jumpshot pic instead…


13. A Concert


I went to a concert today, but my phone failed me, so I wasn’t able to take pictures. At the moment, I could only find this, a mini-concert. But, hey, they played really good songs and they sing so well, too.

14. Classmates During a Boring Lecture

I really looked forward to this item. It was only once that I took a picture during a boring lecture. But, I might do it again. And the only time I took a picture, I wasn’t able to take a picture of the whole class, only one person.

IMG_0669 IMG_0670 IMG_0671

Meet Hamed. He really looks scary in the middle picture. I was about to take a picture of him while he was using his phone, but just when I clicked the capture button, he looked at my direction and that’s the outcome. Hahaha! Pero, love-love ko yang friend ko na yan. 🙂

15. The Sky

First Rainbow

This was taken a few days after I arrived in Denmark. So far, I think, this was the only rainbow I ever saw here in Denmark. Haven’t seen another since then.

16. Something You Just Bought


I only paid 10kr for the shades; the bag, I got for free (may gift card kasi. hahaha!)

17. Your Graduation


Me, my folks and my niece. Nothing untoward happen during my graduation day, well, maybe realizing that the phrase “killer heels” could be true. My feet died using those high heels. I just wanted to go home barefooted. hahaha!

18. Miller High Life

Since I didn’t go to Miller High Life… I’m posting Claret School High Life. ❤


3rd year class picture. Two of the most important persons in my life are missing here. I couldn’t remember why they were not around.

19. The Grocery Store

I couldn’t find a picture of a grocery store… like a really good picture. But, I have this…


… Me standing somehow near a grocery store. That building that you see is a grocery store. 🙂

20. A Cool Shell

I’ve no picture of a cool shell… How about a cool picture of a flag na lang. Hehehe!


They say that this is the oldest flag in the world… Denmark’s. 🙂

So, there you have it, the 20s Twenty Snapshots 🙂

Ube Book


Isinulat ko ito bilang entry para sa pakontes ng yahoogroup na sinalihan ko. Kinailangan naming gumawa ng ending para sa Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan.

January 03, 2011


Nauuso ang Deathnote sa paaralan namin. Kinailangan kong bumili para hinde ako ma-out of place at pagtawanan na naman ng mga kaklase ko. Mapapahiya na naman ako sa Divalicious Sirens pag wala akong mapakitang journal. Kung bakit naman kasi ipinagpilitan pa ako ni Mudra na mag-aral sa isang prestihiyosong paaralan. Ayan kailangan ko tuloy na makipagsabayan.

“Nothing but the best for my precious daughter Erika” pa ang linya niya. Eh wala na nga kaming pera tapos sa isang mamahaling school pa ako nag-aaral. Ayos lang naman sana kung may gagastusin kaming pera. Eh kaso nalugi naman si Mudra sa negosyo. Minalas sa pag-ibig. Sabi naman kasi sa kanyang pera lang ang habol nung mga young lovers nya eh. Pero, hinde na rin siguro ako magrereklamo, tutal nakakaraos pa naman kami eh. At saka, baka hinde ko rin kayanin na mag-aral sa isang public school, sanay na ako sa mga private institutions. Eto na yung kinalakhan at nakasanayan ko. Mahirap nang baguhin. “You can’t teach old dogs new trick”, ika nga.

Anyway, dahil may journal na ako na kulay ube at mukhang sosyal dahil may sulat-sulat pa na Latin sa harapan at may batang nakasilip sa likod, hinde na siguro ako tutuyain na “sour loser” nina Diva. At mukhang mas bongga pa ‘tong Deathnote ko kesa sa kanila, may mga naunang entries na. Parang ipinasang Deathnote talaga ni Kira. At ang swerte ko na nabili ko ito sa murang halaga. 150php. Eh yung sa kanila ang dinig ko, hinde bababa ng 300php ang journal. Ngunit, subalit, datapwa’t bukas ko na babasahin ang nakasulat dito. Inaantok na ako.


January 04, 2011


May napanaginipan akong lalaki. First time kong nanaginip ng isang hinde kakilala. Hinde siya masyadong katangkaran. Pero hinde naman bansot. Parang patpatin din siya at medyo maputi. Kaedad ko lang din ‘ata. Pero inpeyrness, may itsura siya. Pwede nang boyfriend. May hawak-hawak siyang notebook. Parang may isinusulat pa nga eh nang may biglang tumawag sa kanya. Hinde ko masyadong naintindihan kung ano yung itinawag sa kanya. “Ga..” lang yung naintidihan ko eh. Hmm.. taga-saan kaya siya? Anyway, parang naririnig ko na si Mudra sa baba, mamaya na lang ulit ako magsusulat. Tutulungan ko muna si Mudra.



Asar naman ‘tong Theology teacher namin na si Sir Val. Kakaantok magdiscuss. Last year pa kaya siya boring kung magturo. Napakamanhid naman ata at hinde niya napapansin na wala ng nakikinig sa kanya. Hinde man lang gumawa ng New Year’s resolution na iibahin niya ang teaching style niya. Naku!

Ay, kanina nga palang break nagkasabay kami nina Diva sa cafeteria. Naintriga siya dito sa ube journal ko. Marunong rin palang ma-curious. Haha. Pinakibagayan ako ng maayos para makita ‘tong journal. Walkout ang show ko. Minsan lang naman kung makaganti ako sa mga panlalait nila sa akin. Hmf! Maumpisahan na nga lang basahin ang nakasulat dito sa journal…



Masaya palang magbasa ng entries ng ibang tao. Parang nakakapasok ka sa mundo nila. Sino kaya ‘tong si Gilberto J. Manansala? Parang ang masalimuot naman ng buhay niya. Amards din tulad ng life ko. Pero, antagal na rin pala nitong mga entries niya. Isang dekada mahigit na rin ang lumipas ng gawin niya ito. Buti in good condition pa ng makita ko sa isang garage sale.

Nakakatawa yung itsura kanina ng mga Divalicious ng sabihin kong sa Italy pa ito nanggaling. Parang gusto niyang humanga na parang maaasar siya dahil nalamangan ko siya dahil alam naman ng buong klase na sa SM niya lang nabili yung kanya. Hahaha. Malay ba nila na hinde naman talaga sa Italy ‘to nanggaling, eh yung mga nakasulat na Latin sa harap lang naman ang nakita nila. Hahaha.


January 10, 2011


Ilang araw din akong hinde nakapagsulat. Sooobrang busy sa school. Tumulong pa ako sa mga paninda ni Mudra. Wala naman kaming maaasahan sa ama kong salawahan. Sa dami ng anak niya sa kinakasama niya ngayon; hinde na ako aasa na may sustento pa siyang maipapadala maski sa akin man lang.

Ilang araw ko na ring napapanaginipan yung lalaking napanaginipan ko nung January 04. Ewan kung dahil ba sa pagbabasa ko sa journal ni Galo o ano, pero parang Galo yung narinig kong pangalan nung lalaki nang tawagin na naman siya sa panaginip ko. Ang nakapagtataka lang, bakit parang unti-unti siyang umiitim sa panaginip. Para siyang tumatanda at unti-unti ring kumukulubot at nagiging parang tuyot at matigas ang balat niya. Hinde na tuloy siya boyfriend material.


January 11, 2011


Bagsak na naman ako sa math quiz kani-kanina. Pinahiya pa ko ng teroristang teacher naming si Ma’am Bruhilda dahil bumagsak ako. “Erika Purita Campos, kung may panahon ka sa pagsali-Sali sa Drama Club nitong school, bakit hinde mo bigyan ng panahong pag-aralan ang Math. At ng hinde ka laging bumabagsak sa mga quizzes ko. Abah! Mahiya ka naman. Nasa star section ka tapos babagsak ka sa Math.” Umaalingawngaw pa rin yan sa utak ko. Bad trip siya, isang beses pa lang ako bumagsak sa quiz niya pero kung makapanlait akala mo buong buhay kong ibinagsak ang Math.

Dagdagan mo pa ng pangungutya ng mga classmate ko sa middle name ko. Tawagin daw ba akong “Poor Erika”, “Erika Purita walang pera”, “Purita Mirasol”. Arghh! Mga bwisit sila! Kung bakit naman kasi kailangang may Math subject pa. Ang ogobsh ko pa naman sa Math. I’m soo bano you know pagdating sa numero. Asar! Mabuti pang tapusin ko na lang ‘tong pagbabasa sa masalimuot ngunit makulay na buhay ni Galo. Ilang pahina na lang at tapos na ako.



Bad trip naman pala yung napagbilhan ko nitong journal. Eh may punit naman yung notebook. At mukhang yung last entry pa talag ni Galo yung napunit. Nabitin tuloy ako sa pagbabasa. Naman!


January 12, 2011


Hinde ako matatakutin na tao. Kinakain ko ang mga horror movies at horror books. Wala akong pinapalampas. The Ring, The Eye, The Phone, One Missed Call, Shake Rattle and Roll, Feng Shui, Pasiyam, Pet Sematary, Shutter, Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, atbp..lahat yan pinagbibigyan ko. Kaibigan ko si Sadako. Kabungguang siko ko si Manilyn Reynes. Hinde nila ako matatakot. Nakakatulog pa rin ako ng mahimbing pagkatapos kong manood o magbasa ng horror.

Pero, nagising ako ngayon na pinagpapawisan ng malamig at habol ang hininga. May impit pang tili na kamuntik makawala sa bibig ko. Ang sama ng panaginip ko. Si Galo. Ang itim-itim na niya. Kamuntik ko na nga siyang hinde makilala. Ang pangit na ng itsura niya. Kahit si Belo o Calayan walang magagawang tulong para mabalik sa dati si Galo. Oo, Galo rin talaga ang pangalan niya. Maliwanag ko ng narinig ang pangalan niya. Humihingi siya ng tulong. May humahabol sa kanyang matandang babae na matinis ang tinig. Hinde nga angkop ang tinig sa itsura. Parang..parang.. basta.. ayoko ng matulog ulit! Ayokong makita ulit si Galo at yung matandang babaeng nakasuot ng kulay ube na damit.


January 19, 2011


Ilang gabi na akong hinde makatulog ng maayos simula ng mapaniginipan ko si Galo at yung matandang babae. Kapag natutulog ako bago sumapit ang 12MN napapanigipan ko sila. At paulit-ulit lang yung panaginip. Humihingi ng tulong si Galo. Hinahabol naman siya nung matandang babae. Ewan ko kung bakit pero takot na takot ako dun sa matandang babae. Kinakailangan ko na tuloy ngayon na hintaying mag 1AM bago matulog. Hinde na ako nakakagising ng maaga para matulungan si Mudra. Buti na lang at hinde siya nagrereklamo. Maswerte pa rin ako sa Mudra ko na prinsesa ako kung ituring.



Napag-isip-isip ko, parang ang napapanaginipang kong Galo eh yung Galo dito sa journal. Kung gagamitan ko ng lohika, baka masyado lang wild ang imagination ko kaya napapanaginipan ko siya at yung matandang babae. Pero, kung may sa paranormal ito, ayoko na talagang matulog. Hinde na talaga nakakatuwa na lagi ko silang napapanaginipan at mukhang buong panaginip ko sa kanila nalang nagrerevolve at mas weird na ngayon dahil pati ako tinatawag na nung matandang babae. Hinahabol na rin niya ako.


January 22, 2011


Sinubukan kong iwala ‘tong journal. Iniwan ko kahapon sa park. Paggising ko kanina, nasa night table ko na. Ang weird talaga. Sabi ni Mudra may nagsauli daw kaninang matandang babae habang nagwawalis siya sa tapat. Dahil nga naman familiar si Mudra dito, kinuha na rin niya at di rin na nagtaka kung bakit napunta dun sa matanda. Sabi niya, iba daw yung pakiramdam niya dun sa matanda. HInde kaya minumulto na talaga ako at may sa masamang espiritu ‘tong journal. Di ko rin alam kung bakit sulat ng sulat pa rin ako ng entry dito. Oo, nakakaramdam na ako ng ibang kaba at takot.


January 24, 2011


Kahit matulog na ako ngayon ng lagpas 12MN napapanaginipan ko pa rin sina Galo. Apat na kami ngayon na hinahabol ng matanda at nung mga kampon niya. Oo, may kampon siya, alam ko yun. Laht sila nakasuot ng kulay ube na damit. Kakulay ng journal ni Galo na journal ko na ngayon. May kasama na kaming dalawang bata. Isang lalaki na mukhang mas matanda ng ilang taon sa batang babae. Halata rin sa kanila na takot na takot din sila. Nangingitim na rin sila. Malapit na silang maging kakulay ni Galo. Ako na lang ang natatanging normal pa ang kulay. Diyos ko po, ano ba itong napasukan ko.


Tu! Mecum veni! Modo paululus.


January 31, 2011


Pitong araw na akong maysakit. Nilalagnat, inuubo at sinisipon. Masakit ang lahat ng bahagi ng katawan ko. Lahat. Nag-aalala na ng katakot-takot si Mudra. Pinatingnan na rin niya ako sa doktor. May binigay na gamut ngunit walang epekto sa akin. Wala ring kaming perang pampa-ospital sa akin.

Pinipilit ko lang talagang magsulat dahil may nalaman ako sa panaginip ko. Panalangin pala yung hinihinging tulong ni Galo. Yun din ang hihingin ko sa’yo ngayon. Ipanalangin mo ako. Nararamdaman kong malapit na ang katapusan. Parehong katapusan na nangyari kay Galo at sa mga bata. Naririnig ko ang nakakapanindig balahibo na pag-awit ng mga kaibigan Mama.. hinde ko masabi ang pangalan niya.. natatakot akong bigkasin yun.. Na para bang pag sinambit ko na ang pangalan eh yun na rin ang huling mitya ng buhay ko.

Oo, nalaman ko rin ang pangalan niya sa pamamagitan ng panaginip ko. Kaya ipanalangin mo ang kaluluwa ko. Ayokong habambuhay na tumakbo sa panaginip tulad ni Galo sa pag-asam na may taong ipagdarasal ang kaluluwa ko. Alam ko na rin kung ano ang nakasulat sa nawawalang pahina. Oo, nararamdaman ko na sila. Hinihila nila ang buhay ko. Ewan ko rin kung paanong may nakasulat sa huling entry ko bago ko sinulat ‘to.. Parang pinanghihinaan na ako. Parang may pilit humihila sa bolpe –



Makalipas ang isang linggo…

“Diva, ang weird naman ng mga nakasulat dito sa journal ni Erika. Parang pinunit pa talaga yung last entry niya. Talaga bang kukunin mo ‘tong journal niya? Alam kong bigla lang nawala yung mag-ina sa tinitirhan nila. Hinde ka ba nagtataka panong napunta ‘to sa bag mo?”, nagtatakang tanong ni Riva.

Pinagtawanan lang ni Diva ang tinuran ni Riva bago ito sumagot. “Finders keepers Riva. I found it in my bag. It’s mine now.”

Hinde rin alam ni Diva kung bakit pero parang may kung anong kapangyarihan ang pumipigil sa kanya na itapon ang journal. May kung anung batobalaning nanghihikayat sa kanya na itago ang notebook ni Erika. Luma na rin kung tignan ang notebook ngunit manghang-mangha siya dito. Itatago na niya ang journal ng may mahagip ang mata niya… “Akin ang nagsusulat nito. Akin ang nagbabasa nito. Akin ang may hawak nito… “


Vos es mei.Non mihi vultus hic fijamente.



Chasing Those Blues Away

*Entry ko ‘to nung pumipili ang previous company ko kung sino ang kukunin nila para ilagay sa bagong account ng company. The topic is to write about what you do when you have a bad day. We have to write it in 600 words, limited. Ayan, maiksi lang yung post. Hehe.*

You woke up at the wrong side of bed and you’re running late for work. You’ve got not time for breakfast; just a few minutes for a hurried bath. You set out to work only to find no vehicle in sight; and when you finally find one, you get stuck in traffic. You probably think, “Isn’t that too much?” And you probably say a silent prayer hoping that would be the last of the unfortunate events to befall you. But, wait, there’s more. You realize you left your wallet and the only money you have with you is your lunch money. Thank God for small favors, you can pay your fare but you’ll have to figure out how to manage with lunch. Eventually you get to work with only a minute to spare to log on time and when you reach your desk you see it filled with paperwork.

Now what gets into your mind? No doubt, you think you’ve got yourself a bad day. So, what now? What do you do when you have a bad day? Do you let it get into your nerves and suck the life in you? Or do you manage to turn the table and rather make the best out of it to show these setbacks what you’ve got and what you’re made of?

Being individuals with unique personalities, we have different perception of what’s a bad day and how to cope with it. What could be a bad day for me might just be a minor setback to you, not worth your attention and vice versa. The same goes with our coping mechanism; what might work best for you might be the least one for me. Nonetheless, no matter the difference, each of us must have a breather; something that works for us to chase the bad day away.

Personally, when I get the blues, I sing a tune or two. I have been a lover of music since my toddler days. So, that makes it commonsensical for me to rely on music to calm my nerves. And when music isn’t enough, the world of literature can bring me places: from dragon-slaying princess to talking cats, to ninja techniques, to jolly pirates, to lovely sweethearts, and to inspiring moments. Then, with my passion for reading I find it plausible that I love to write, too; a poem, a letter, a blog, a haiku, a limerick or just a mere line or two. Moreover, it serves its purpose. When you write what you feel; it’s like acknowledging what you’re going through, and when you do, it somehow gives you relief and a clearer vision on how to look at the brighter side of things.

Furthermore, before I venture with the three I mentioned above, I pray, because most of all prayer works best. It always works. A quiet time with God will give you comfort. It doesn’t have to be long. But, it will surely encourage you and make you say “fighting!” It will absolutely and definitely make you feel better.

So, when all seems down the drain, remember a thing or two might work for you. You just have to discover it. As plenty optimist put it, if you can’t see the bright side, polish the dull side. It does for me… always.

A Thought on Prejudice

January 10, 2008 nang i-post ko ito sa yahoo group na sinalihan ko; January 31, 2009 nang i-post ko ‘to sa Multiply.

Mga kabobo share ko lang ‘to.. last night kasi ka-text ko ‘yung isang friend ko.. ganito ‘yung takbo ng usapan:

Friend: Anong ginagawa mo?

Ako: Nagbabasa.

Friend:Ano’ng binabasa mo?

Ako: ABNKKBSNPLAKo?!..Phil. Lit., non-fiction..

Friend: Ngee..boring..

Ako: (na-hurt ako!!!!!) Huh? Di mo lang alam.. Duty rin ba si Blah at

Blah (alam ko dapat inedit ko na ‘to..pero,feel kong isali eh..hehe)

Friend: Nope.. OPD sila.. ako lang ang ward..

Ako: Ahh,awkie.. Nga pala, bakit mo nasabi na boring ang binabasa ko?

Friend: Instinct ko. Totoo diba? hehe.. (maswerte talaga ‘tong kaibigan ko dahil di ako violent mode ng mga oras na yan at nasa malayo siya)

Ako: Dahil ba talaga sa instinct? O dahil sa Phil. lit? O baka naman dahil non-fiction? Gusto ko talagang ipabasa sa’yo ang libro then you tell me if boring ba.. kaso, ang layo mo.. (nautical miles ang pagitan namin..dahil kung kapitbahay namin ‘to, sinugod ko na s’ya)

Friend: School subject ba yan?

Ako: Nope.. It’s about a subject called life.. It’s one of my fave books.. Ikaw pa lang ang nakapagsabi na boring ang book..and to think na di mo pa nababasa.. (paano naman kasi, lahat ng tao na pinabasa ko ng libro ni BO eh hanga kay BO at sa mga akda niya.. no dull moments.. mga kakilala ko na nakabasa rin ng books ni BO yan din ang sabi..da best si BO!)

Friend: Sorry.. nagjudge ako kaagad..

Ako: Apology accepted. May mga instances naman talaga ng may prejudice tayo..

Friend: Yup.. Ako yun.. wahaha.. (well,wala ng kwenta ‘to, pero kasali sa usapan eh)

Ako: Ahh.. naloko ka nang title noh?

Friend: Oo, akala ko textbook.. (thoinx!)

Ang una kong rason kaya ko shinare to kasi bad trip talaga ako nung sinabi niyang boring ang book. Okay lang sakin kung sabihin niyang boring kung nabasa na niya ang libro. Opinyon niya yun. Pero ang sabihing boring ang Green book ng hindi pa niya nababasa eh nakapag-iinit talaga ng dugo.. Nung oras na ‘yun gusto ko talagang ipabasa sakanya ang book.. as in handa talaga akong sumugod.

Pero,habang nagmumuni-muni ako para maalis ang inis ko.. napaisip ako, sadya ngang may biases and prejudices tayo sa katawan, kahit pa mabait na tao. Perfect example ang Dad ko. My father is a good man (oo, binubuhat ko ang bangko ng tatay ko -di ata angkop ang binubuhat ko ang sarili kong bangko..hehe), just and fair. Pero, nung minsang nag-uusap kami sa hapag-kainan, nasabi niya na di raw siguro dapat iboto ang mga politikong nabibilang sa relihiyong hindi ko na lang papangalanan (i mean no disrespect sa mga kapatid nating nabibilang sa relihiyong ito). Sabi ko nga walang religion discrimination sa pagpili ng iboboto. Kahit yan pa ang relihiyon nya kung may magagawa naman siya para sa bayan.. aba, kanya ang boto ko.

Oo, may sort of prejudice ang tatay ko sakanila. May dahilan kung bakit ganun. Pero,di pa rin dapat nilalahat. Nagka-phobia ata dad ko sa kamay ng ibang nabibilang sa relihiyong yun. Lagi niya pa rin kasi akong pinaaalahanan na wag masyadong magtitiwala sa kanila.

Bakit napunta ang usapan namin sa kanila? Kasi tinanong ng mom ko kung nagconvert na daw ba si Noli de Castro sa relihiyong yun. Bakit napag-usapan si de Castro? Dahil sa panonood ng news tungkol sa mga president-wannabes.. whapak!

Bakit lumayo pa ako sa pagpili ng example ng may prejudice? Bakit di na lang ang sarili ko? Kasi may temporary amnesia ako ngayon at nakalimutan ko kung ano ba ang mga prejudices ko sa katawan. XD