Dear Diary

Nang minsang magmuni-muni ako, naisip kong pwede nga akong magblog everyday. Di naman kailangan na mahaba ang isusulat. I thought of making my blog a sort of a daily diary. I even thought it funny that I would start it at the last quarter of the year. Kamuntik na namang di matuloy, i was on the verge of falling in to “bukas na lang“. But I got a grip of myself. Told myself that if I don’t do it now, I might not ever. Baka mauwi ako lagi sa “bukas na lang”. Bad idea.

So, ayun, I had a long day. I started 6.45AM, I ended around 9.30 or 10PM maybe. I had to manage the house, do the dishes, do the laundry, train Victor and assist him with biking, and walk Charlie. Charlie is the most difficult of all. Since the incident last Friday, kung saan nasugatan ang kamay ko, I am acting really paranoid when walking Charlie. Lingon ng lingon and really pushing my pandinig to hear even the slightest movement around. I had to be alert in sensing other dog in the vicinity. I am so wary of having other dogs around when walking him. No, I am actually wary of anything that could get his interest and make him run after it. It’s not easy to walk a dog almost my size… or maybe heavier than me. It drives me crazy when Charlie runs after something. I think the next time he does, I might get a cardiac arrest even though I have no problem with my cardiovascular system.

Ayun, inaantok na talaga ako. I’ll just post another entry tomorrow. 🙂


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