Ten-Day Blog Challenge: Day Seven



1. Arrogance. I just couldn’t stand that attitude. Tinutumba ako ng hangin.

2. Irresponsible. Naiistress ako sa mga taong walang sense of responsibility.

3. Humorless. Walang kabuhay-buhay kasama ang taong ganito. Killjoy.

4. Asar-talo. I don’t know if there is an English equivalent for it, but, yeah, that attitude really gets into my nerves and pisses me off big time. I just couldn’t take it that when a person teases someone and that someone doesn’t get affected, he gets mad and turn the teasing into a real fight. Bummer!


2 thoughts on “Ten-Day Blog Challenge: Day Seven

  1. hahaha I know the equivalent of asar talo vessy or rather based on my research from google
    it’s Bullying loser daw hahaha pero mas Peg ko si asar-talo 😉

    just dropping by ❤

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