Ten-Day Blog Challenge: Day Five



I have acknowledged that whatever misfortune or regrets I have are necessary challenges in my life for me to be where I am now and for me to meet the people I deeply cherish. So, I have made my peace with all the woes I’ve been to. Although, I would admit that from time to time, there are still stuff that come back to me and haunt me and make me say, I wish I’ve never done that. Here it goes, in no particular order.

1. I wish I didn’t take up Nursing in college. I never dreamed of becoming a nurse. But, here I am, a registered nurse. Nurse by profession.

2. I wish I didn’t let my first boyfriend manipulate me. Our breakup wasn’t the most painful among the breakups I’ve been to, but my relationship with him was the most chaotic I had.

3. I wish I didn’t admit doing that idiotic thing my friend did. I don’t know what I was thinking that time. Either I am a really good friend, trying to save her from trouble, or I was just plain stupid.

4. I wish I didn’t stop from trying to be on top of our class. I used to be an honor student when I was in elementary and high school; but, when I reached college (and started dating my first boyfriend) everything went downhill. Plus that thing with my friend, I went through a phase where my life was a mess.

5. I wish I didn’t fall in love with Awing. I don’t regret loving him because it was by loving him that I learned unconditional love.; I learned a lot by loving him. But, that’s not always the case. There are times I wish I didn’t.

6. I wish I didn’t let the opportunity to be a paid blogger pass me by. However, there’s a conflict of schedule. If I accept that, I wouldn’t have my weekend for myself. That’s the only time I could relax a bit. Goodluck naman sa mental and emotional health ko.

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