Ten-Day Blog Challenge: Day Two



1. I am a chocoholic. I don’t say NO when offered a chocolate or two.

2. I am a bookworm. I just LOVE reading.

3. I am a wanderlust. I have a passion for travel; for meeting new people; experiencing new culture, cuisine and language.

4. I am a singer. No, not a famous one. But, I dig singing, so therefore I conclude, I am singer. Ang umangal, pangit. 😛

5. I am an otaku. Well, I consider myself one. I am so into mangaka and animes. I really enjoy going to cosplays, although I don’t cosplay; just costrips or just to have a picture with cosplayers. Teehahaha!

6. I am a writer. Obviously. Not a famous one, though. But, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is being able to write my heart out.

7. I love the rain. The outdoors, nature. Stargazing.

8. I am fond of kids. Usually, kids 7 and below are attracted (not in the romantic sense, okay) to me. It’s like I have this magnet that pulls them to me. It’s fun though.

9. I am into martial arts. I used to do Taekwondo. I hope to go back to martial arts training again.


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