Ten-Day Blog Challenge: Day One



1. Valentinas: (I have to consider this group as one person, dahil sa member pa lang ng barkadahang to, 8 na agad magagamit ko. hahaha!) I miss you and I love you all mga ateh at natatanging kuya. I miss the bonding and all that. Pa-hug! 🙂

2. Awing: I am so over you. mwahahaha!

3. DNAngels including the honorary DNAngels member Ady, Galih and Yuan: (Considered as one din para save sa space. hehehe!) Laro-laro din kayo pag may time. I miss playing with you all. I miss the asaran with ANG and the language lesson with Galih and Yuan. Miss the kabaitan ni Kuya Ady. At syempre, I miss the adeeek mode with RJ; yung maabutan ng umaga sa internetan para maglaro. May baon pang pagkain para sa magdamagang run at PVP. hahaha!

4. Jing-ah: Kumusta? It’s been a while. I really hope we could go back to the way we used to be. Really good friends. I know it’s my fault and I’m sorry. I’ve said this to you. You accepted it. But, things weren’t how it used to. I really hope someday you’ll finally see in your heart to really get over what happened between us.

5. Hamed: You’re so gwapo talaga, but, kahit anong chemistry at physics (per Cai’s comment) pa tayo meron, di talaga uubra kung walang economics at more-than-friend na love syempre. Hahaha. But, you’re really welcome to go home with me to Pinas next year. Di ka matitripang kidnapin dun. Pramis! And hey, if you go to Turkey or India or wherever this summer, don’t forget to buy something for me. Or else… mag-iisip pa ko ng consequence. Hahaha!

6. Ma’am Nini: Hi Ma’am! How are you? You still remain my favorite teacher. But, I guess I’m not good with keeping in touch with authority, I am so not updated with the things in your life. I hope you’re doing well. I hope to see you again… maybe, next year. Thank you for all the lessons shared, classroom and out of it. You’re really one of the best.

7. Ma’am Pat: I will write to you ASAP. Please don’t let go.

8. Nicole: I will do my best to keep in touch. I will find time to send you a letter. Hope to see you in Germany. Sana kasi mahanap kita sa Facebook.

9. Connie: Con, where are you? I’ll try to find you, too. Hope to see you in Germany, too. Haven’t heard from you in a very long while. Haven’t seen you update your Facebook.

10. Folks… that is to say, mudra, pudra, ate, kuya, and immediate pamangkin: Call and chat with you guys. Love lots! 🙂

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