Black Sky, Dark Night

*I posted this on Multiply last July 28, 2008. This was “inspired” by my breakup with my second boyfriend.*


In the dark of the night

When stars don’t stud the sky

I look at the heavens

And think of you.


And just like the blackness I see

There’s only emptiness in me.

Just as the stars don’t light the sky

My eyes are blurred by the tears I cried.


I swam in an ocean of vast empty space.

Searching for a familiar place and friendly face.

When darkness creeps in me,

Pain resides in the depths of me.


I reminisce the times I hold your hand in mine.

I remember the laughter you and I shared.

I am reminded of how you look into my eyes.

I think of every moment we had together.


But where are you now?

What happened to your love you said was mine?

Where was the promise you’ll never let me fall?

How do I stand up after I stumble?


All you left me now is blackness

Which has covered my vision with mud.

I tried reaching for something for me to hold on to.

But I was left with nothing except for the thought that before, there was me and you.


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