Shall We Dance?

If you make me choose between singing and dancing, it’ll be singing; no questions asked. However, I just realized lately that I like dancing… maybe more than I thought. (I was part of the dance troupe during my elementary and high school days, but it wasn’t really a passion. I just happen to be there, I guess). Though, I dance like there’s no tomorrow only with people I’m comfortable with. Back in the Philippines, I think I only went dancing twice… like in a real club; not just a school acquaintance dance. And I don’t consider videoke bars as a “real dance club”. I hope you get what I mean. In the eight months that I’ve been here in Denmark, last Friday night (until the wee hours in the morning of Saturday) was my fourth time on a night out.

After the third time, I was asking myself, what’s with me, why don’t I attract a guys attention; not that I REALLY wanted one, but it’s awkward when all the friends you’re with get a guy’s attention. And it’s only me who doesn’t get anybody’s interest. May nakakausap nga ako pero dahil yun ay pinapasa saken ng mga kaibigan ko kasi ako yung “spokesperson” ng grupo. I even asked a guy friend if I’m not beautiful ’cause I always end up being the wallflower. Well, I get to answer it myself, maybe God sees that it’s best that way. I get to be spared from awkward moments. I find it awkward kasi if you’re dancing on the dance floor with your friends and then suddenly a guy would pop in front of you and dance with you… just like that. And it’s worse when they somehow become touchy. Although, it didn’t happen to me, kasi nga walang nagkakainteres saken. But, it happens with my friends, and I find it awkward… and funny (kasi sa friends ko nangyayari. Mwahahaha!).

Last Friday night… yeah we danced on tabletops and we took too many shots, think we kissed but I forgot… (sabay kanta eh)…nah, last Friday night was different; I wasn’t even dressed for the occasion. The first three nights we went out, we really spent time prepping up… we actually wore a dress and put our makeup on. On my part, I was thinking, it’s time for socialization, I want to look good naman at di magmukhang Haggardo Versoza. Malay natin, I would meet someone there. ‘Di naman kasi ibig sabihin diba na pag nagka-clubbing eh bad boy or bad girl na agad. I’m not a bad girl (though I’m not a saint either) but I go there. So, I think there would be guys there who actually just want to socialize and not look for someone to get laid with. Bigyan ng benefit of the “daw” ang mga lalake. This time, because it was unplanned, I was wearing a blouse, yellow jeans and my red sneakers; and I had an overnight bag with me (’cause I’m sleeping over at a friend’s place and I didn’t want to go to her place first before going out because it means a very long biking tour for me. Maawa naman sa binti ko. Nagbike na ko during the day nung Friday papunta at pauwi galing sa school. One hour biking na yun. So, we decided we’ll just meet in the city). We were supposed to just go to a concert at 7:00PM and go home afterwards, but my host mom decided that I get my Saturday off so we can stay out late if we want to. I was on my way to the city when I finally got in touch with my friend and tell her that I’m sleeping over at her place (she asked me earlier to sleep at her place but I said “No” because I thought my host family would need me the following day). So, we decided we’ll go clubbing then.

We met other Filipinas in the city, and these girls are used to being out, so they really know places. We first went to Color Bar; it’s a sing-and-dance bar. But, mostly people go there to sing. It’s unlike most videoke bars in the Philippines where you’re inside a room or you’re just on your seat when you sing. In Color Bar, you have to go up the stage and sing. I know may ganito sa Worlds of Fun sa Pilipinas. As usual, my friends started to get into conversation with some people there. I noticed a guy looking at our direction over and over and over again. Hanggang sa ‘di na ‘ata siya nakatiis at lumapit na talaga siya sa pwesto namin kasama ang kaibigan niyang, I would emphasize, babae. ‘Di kasi pwedeng ‘di ko isali na kasama yung babae na lumapit. It just won’t feel right… well, on my part. He spoke to me, ako mismo ang kinausap niya, ‘di siya ipinasa lamang. He was decent naman. He really looked cute. Yung tipong maraming magkaka-crush. But, he really looked so delicate, too. Parang alagain. I guess he had the child-like-kind-of-cute-charm (na pauso ko). But, nope, he’s not the one I danced with that night. Wait lang, darating din tayo dyan.

Nung nakauwi na yung ibang kaibigan namin, yung mga sanay sa night out, may lumapit na namang lalaki at kumausap saken (although in between nyan eh may isang lalaking nangungulit sa amin and may grupo kaming katabi na kumakausap sa isang kaibigan ko). He wanted to find out where we’re from ’cause his friend was thinking we’re from Italy and he doesn’t agree. Asking us where we’re from is usually the first question we’re asked by anybody. We had a very little small talk. I wanted to expand the conversation but I was feeling awkward then. (For the record, he said his name, but I don’t know how it’s spelled, so let’s just skip that. Maybe I should have asked how he spell his name. So, let’s just call him Mr. Unspelled).

The reason we stayed in Color Bar a little longer is because we were waiting if the DJ is gonna play the song we requested, we still wanted to sing. When it became evident that Karaoke Night is over, we decided to change place. We went to Blomster & Bien. It was our third time there. It’s a better place to dance than Color Bar. After a few minutes, we saw Mr. Unspelled and his companions in the bar. We waved at each other. We didn’t think they would come to us again, but they did. He spoke to me again and my other friend spoke with Jesper (buti pa siya kaya kong i-spell ang name), his companion. My other two friends were just listening and contributing in the conversation once in a while. This time, I wasn’t feeling awkward, napalagay na ang loob ko. He was very decent, too, and we have a very interesting topic… Denmark, Philippines, job, education and whatnot… Then he asked me to dance, nagdalawang isip pa ko nyan… mga three seconds. Since, I wasn’t feeling awkward with him anymore, I was like, sure, why not. Thanks to the Amnesia god/goddess, I couldn’t remember what was the first song we danced to. I could only remember dancing with him to the tune of Forget You. Hahaha!

It was fun. I thought I got a “proper” dance. And he danced really well. It was just funny because he is so tall; he stands 6 feet compared to my 4’9″ stature. Teehahahaha! But, my friends said hataw naman daw yung pagsayaw ko which I would like to presume as hindi kahiya-hiya yung pagsayaw ko. Hehehe. So, there I realized that’s how I wanted to be asked for a dance, yung tipo bang it just came naturally na while having a conversation, you hear this music and you feel it’s the right music to dance to, so you ask the person for a dance. ‘Di na awkward. I actually enjoyed dancing with him. That’s how it happened with the first dance I had here in Denmark with a used-to-be-total-stranger-but-a-stranger-still, Lasse (you’ll probably meet him when I run out of reason to procrastinate). It started with a conversation and it just seemed natural for us to share a dance.

Then it’s time for us to go home… it’s getting late, dark outside… (kanta-kanta din pag may time. Hahaha!). Nah, it’s time for us to go home and it’s not getting late… it’s getting morning. Hahaha! We went out 4:30AM (perstaym na inabutan kami ng ganyang oras) at maliwanag na; the sun’s about to rise. So, we said our goodbyes. I said vi ses… måske. He said something in Danish which is equivalent to the chances are slim, although not impossible. It’s because I don’t always go on a night out, he doesn’t, too. So, he was right on. This kind of acquaintance makes me hope to meet someone not just for one night. Well, if I get to meet him again, I’d probably befriend him. But, until then…


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