Chasing Those Blues Away

*Entry ko ‘to nung pumipili ang previous company ko kung sino ang kukunin nila para ilagay sa bagong account ng company. The topic is to write about what you do when you have a bad day. We have to write it in 600 words, limited. Ayan, maiksi lang yung post. Hehe.*

You woke up at the wrong side of bed and you’re running late for work. You’ve got not time for breakfast; just a few minutes for a hurried bath. You set out to work only to find no vehicle in sight; and when you finally find one, you get stuck in traffic. You probably think, “Isn’t that too much?” And you probably say a silent prayer hoping that would be the last of the unfortunate events to befall you. But, wait, there’s more. You realize you left your wallet and the only money you have with you is your lunch money. Thank God for small favors, you can pay your fare but you’ll have to figure out how to manage with lunch. Eventually you get to work with only a minute to spare to log on time and when you reach your desk you see it filled with paperwork.

Now what gets into your mind? No doubt, you think you’ve got yourself a bad day. So, what now? What do you do when you have a bad day? Do you let it get into your nerves and suck the life in you? Or do you manage to turn the table and rather make the best out of it to show these setbacks what you’ve got and what you’re made of?

Being individuals with unique personalities, we have different perception of what’s a bad day and how to cope with it. What could be a bad day for me might just be a minor setback to you, not worth your attention and vice versa. The same goes with our coping mechanism; what might work best for you might be the least one for me. Nonetheless, no matter the difference, each of us must have a breather; something that works for us to chase the bad day away.

Personally, when I get the blues, I sing a tune or two. I have been a lover of music since my toddler days. So, that makes it commonsensical for me to rely on music to calm my nerves. And when music isn’t enough, the world of literature can bring me places: from dragon-slaying princess to talking cats, to ninja techniques, to jolly pirates, to lovely sweethearts, and to inspiring moments. Then, with my passion for reading I find it plausible that I love to write, too; a poem, a letter, a blog, a haiku, a limerick or just a mere line or two. Moreover, it serves its purpose. When you write what you feel; it’s like acknowledging what you’re going through, and when you do, it somehow gives you relief and a clearer vision on how to look at the brighter side of things.

Furthermore, before I venture with the three I mentioned above, I pray, because most of all prayer works best. It always works. A quiet time with God will give you comfort. It doesn’t have to be long. But, it will surely encourage you and make you say “fighting!” It will absolutely and definitely make you feel better.

So, when all seems down the drain, remember a thing or two might work for you. You just have to discover it. As plenty optimist put it, if you can’t see the bright side, polish the dull side. It does for me… always.


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