End of a Journey


*I posted this on my Multiply account last March 23, 2010, which actually was unplanned. I wanted to post this after Jake finished composing the music for this. This would have been our first project together so I didn’t want to spoil the moment. But, knowing that only a few people get to visit my Multiply page, I think it wouldn’t really be a big deal. Besides, this poem has been lying around for some time and Jake’s still busy with work, so I guess that maybe it’s just about time to post it.*

I’ve travelled this long broken road

Aiming to reach a place called home

I walked many twist and turns

Wondering what lies beyond the bend.


I traversed miles and miles alone

Sometimes with people yet unknown

I’ve fought monsters big and small

Faced my fears and insecurities with courage unquenchable.


I did quests impossible and unimaginable

Encountered certain failures and downfalls

I struggled to rise above it all

And shared my victories with special people.


I’ve trudged along against all odds

Crossed paths with persons with hearts full of doubt

I’ve shed some blood and some tears

But never backed down for there’s always one who cheers.


I’ve endured countless trials and difficulties

With people who really cared and believed

I’ve had my taste of sorrows and regrets

And drank in the sweetness of bliss and relief.


Now the end of the road is near

My journey is coming to its close

I have done what I think is due

I believe that home is where I’m coming to.


2 thoughts on “End of a Journey

  1. mabuti at naisalba mo ito ate ves, bago tuluyang magsara ang multiply…

    end of journey, akala ko tungkol sa end of the world. haha

    “I’ve shed some blood and some tears
    But never backed down for there’s always one who cheers.” -nice! pa sottocopy ha. ipo-post ko dun sa facebook FANPAGE ko. hahaha Dale.icious Issues

    i like mo ha.

    mukhang hindi na tayo nagpa-pang-abot sa fb. hirap din ng timezones noh?

    • Naisalba ko lahat ng posts ko sa Multiply. Di ko pa lang naipopost lahat dito. Pero, may nauna na akong post na galing Multiply na nilagay dito, yung Closing of a Chapter.

      Uu, di na nga tayo masyadong nagpapang-abot sa FB. Mahirap talaga na magkaiba ang timezones. Usually, weekend na ko pwede magstay up late.

      Haha, may page na talaga oh. Ikaw na talaga lurve. Sige, ila-like ko yun. PM mo saken sa FB ang link. hehe. At sige, i-sottocopy mo, just don’t forget to give where the credit is due para di ka maakusahan ng sottoing. hahaha! 😛

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