Curtsy :)

I have always loved to write. As far as I could remember, I was already writing since childhood. I’ve written countless “Once upon a time…” stories in my kiddie scribbles. Obviously, influenced by the fairytales. And growing up, my passion for writing didn’t fade, instead it grew more and more with each passing day. Of course, there were those days when you just couldn’t get the drive to write, but that doesn’t mean that your passion for writing has lessened. As a human being, writers, have burnouts too.

However, no matter how I love writing, I never really got into writing diaries or journals. I’ve tried, but, procrastination is my middle name. hahaha! So, days to write for piles up and up and up and up. So, I prefer writing stories, short articles and whatnot because it doesn’t have a deadline and it doesn’t pile up. Though, I kinda observed, I work better with a deadline. Hahaha.

And then the advent of blogging arrived. I decided, I wanna try it, too, since it would mean writing. My blogging style is more on personal. Just what pops in my mind on those days I dare to listen to my muse. It has been a while too, since I wanted to update my blog, but having no computer of my own during that period of my life I couldn’t; I really didn’t want to spend money on the internet shop to encode and post a blog. I figured, I’d update my blog or make a new one (which I did since Multiply, where I have a blogger account, is shutting down it’s blog site) when I get to have my own computer.. So, given the circumstance that I have my own computer now, I think it’s about time to stop my procrastination. And, voila! Here you are, in my own page.

You might wonder how I came upon with my blog name. Shi Tu Di means student, Wen is a name my Shi Fu gave me. It actually took me quite some time to make up my blog name. I had a name in mind, but it’s already used by somebody else. I came up with other names, but it doesn’t seem perfect for me. Until I had a eureka moment and remembered what Shi Fu calls me. I figured, it would be the perfect name, because I would always be a student in the subject called Life. As long as I’m alive, I’d never stop to be a student. So, “StudentWen” or “ApprenticeWen”, I think aptly fits my blog because I’m someone who enjoys learning.

So, I hope you enjoy reading what I learn and experience in bits and pieces in the subject called Life in the classroom called World. 🙂


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